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    PvP Balance

    To give you a short answer: Yes there is an ongoing discussion about balancing. There is a separate discord server for that, where community representitives can work together to get proposals done (finished ones are already in the forums). That said, we don't have the permission to get proposed changes onto a test server yet. As critical cards like Phasetower or Mortar for instance might need iteration based balancing, we have to wait up until we can test certain changes to get to a consensus about what is good for the game, so these changes can be useful in the end.
  2. The players at the top of bfp incomes do not reflect the efficiency of the quest system at all, because they do not generate their main income through quests. They abuse the inconsistent trading values at the market. I would clearly agree, that the current quest system needs improvement. A higher questdiversity (I guess we get this after reset) and a removal of the hard cap should be really beneficial.
  3. Great map! Looking forward to the competition. Do you have any plans on how to make the replays public in the end? If you are interested I could record and upload the winner replays to youtube either on my or the skylords community channel. I've got just one question regarding the rules. Why aren't 2 replays per player allowed for the competition (1speedrun + 1style run)?
  4. I agree, that you want to avoid having very experienced players going up against the new ones. They are way to good at snowballing games, especically after gathering so much experience over the years. These kind of stomps are really frustrating. I think a good idea to bring more players into PvP are beginner friendly events. Toggys Rookie Tournaments are a nice example with a solid amount of participants and there were a good amount of games, where the outcome was alot less predictable. If these kind of Events get promoted via ingame newsfeed, it might grant the opportunity to lower the e
  5. This was discussed in the discord channel too. I think it is a reasonable idea, but impossible to implement for now.
  6. Winterwitch • Card Changes Hp: 1350 -> 1700 Shield value: 1500 -> 2000 Ability power costs: 100 -> 65 Winterwitch lacks power that makes her worthy for a T4 card that demands 3 Frost orbs. The biggest current issues we see with this card are the low survivability in a T4 environment & the nonexistent synergy with AoE damage reductions. Cards like Ward of the North or Revenge have no effect onto iceshields. Therefore we want to increase her supportive strengh. Chosen card changes: The hp buff mainly is supposed to increase her survivability to get a pro
  7. Emberstrike • Card Changes Ability dmg 1100(1650max) -> 1300 (3250max) Passive dmg: 500(750max) -> 900 (2700max) There is a general issue with current L units in T4. They have several downsides to XL units such as scaling limitations through unit & charge limit, L knockback, higher vulnerability vs burst, lower movement speed, damage loss as only a limited amount of creatures are able to attack one target (melee problem only) or the inability to attack air units (melee only). There is almost nothing that makes up for these downsides leaving L T4 units mostl
  8. To give you an answer to some of your questions and some general information: -> The buff gets applied to all units near the entrance zone, the exit zone does not affect units at all -> There are 2 effects applied by nether warp: Port immunity & the specific healing or slow effect dependend on affinity -> There is an instant healing tic once the buff gets applied which is the main reason for this interaction -> The buff refreshes every second always applying this instant tic which doubles the healing speed -> The max healing per target gets increase
  9. I think a set of balancing changes would be able to influence both PvP and PvE in a positive way. PvE casual: From my perspective the casual player benefits from changes because it would open up more variety and playable decks. Splash decks are able to do everything (and even more) compared to pure and faction based decks making them underwhelming to play. Also by having all core advantages that factions provide (Crowd Control, Void Manipulation, Charge Manipulation, damage reductions and healing combined with a mobile high dps unit composition) you don't have to play as a team in o
  10. I'd argue there are a good amount of cards, that don't even have a niche use due to really poor design. EA didn't really understand alot of game concepts. An example would be the importance of bound power which led to very poor balancing choices between buildings, spells and units. Like Amii Monument wouldn't be as overpowered by costing 390 bound power with 0 abiliy cost compared to the current 250 bound +140 toggle, which even returns the full amount of the ability power into the void (which means it's completely free in any void manipulation deck anyways). This is the thread I
  11. Soultree spamming could be seen as an exploit for instance since Amii Monument allows you to skip the last mission of clearing the enemies main base. I think regarding PvE we had good ideas from community and devs that could improve the game experience in the future: -> A less repetitive quest & achievement system after the reset, which makes maps outside of Soultree and Guns of Lyr attractive for the players (there is a post in the forums where many ideas got collected). -> Adding good and proven community maps to the "official" mappool to ensure more variety and ma
  12. How to play Nature T1 - a PvP Guide by RadicalX - -General talk- Okay I'm almost finished with the entire T1 section. I'll say the the same stuff as I did before, with this guide I want to provide information for newer players (Stuff like: Which cards do I use against which color), but also for the ones who are already dedicated veterans (going for in depth analysis here). Again I want to remark that every statement I make here refers to 1v1-PvP since 2v2 works in a different way (especially for nature because in 2v2 you can cover up most of its weaknesses while benefi
  13. Why is Yrmia even considered unbalanced? It is arguably the best map in terms of T1 balancing. Fire is good due to many chokepoints for effective Eruptions. Frost is hella strong due to small well distances and 75 extra void for the wall is insanely important for early scaling. Shadow is solid, because there are many paths on the map to allow unit circling and strong split attacks with motivate. Nature has some options to survive the early stage without getting locked out of the map, but probably the worst faction on this map due to its vulnerability against Phasetower. But that is 1 matchup a
  14. -> Reach 60 minutes que time without finding an opponent Jokes aside I think reaching certain rank points at the end of a month is a very good way to consistently reward people. This somewhat got mentioned, but only for the top players as far as I know. This would exlude the majority of people. I think you can reward everyone in the top 200, giving lesser experienced people motivation and specific rank goals to aim for. It could be done in steps like this: Rank 200-151 -> Reward X Rank 150-101 -> Reward 1,2*X Rank 100-61 -> Reward 1,4*X Rank 60-41 -> Rew
  15. What exactly do you need in terms of editing? If it's just about rendering and uploading I could do that easily. I also tried to do some tourney runthroughs with my replays, but sadly alot of files from spectator maps don't work anymore after a short time.
  16. Hello MrXLink, First of all thanks for making this thread. I'm really convinced that a remarkable part of the PvP community would benefit from higher gold incomes and it can clearly enhance the overall game environment. Sorry for the upcoming wall of text, but I really need to talk about this topic! Current PvP Values I would like to start with some basics about the current reward system and potential problems. So let's get into the current formulas to check current rewards (They should be accurate as I double checked my calculations with gold incomes in some of my own g
  17. I think at least 2 things are clearly problematic in this calculation. 1. No one will use rPvE 6 to farm gold. Almost no player will use rPvE 10 to farm gold unless the MotM is super easy to allow 3 runs per hour. rPvE 9 is the realistic measurement for an average PvE player that farms gold. You can easily go for 12.000 gold per hour here without being super experienced at the game. Just build 8-11 Windweavers, fight to T3, build Amii, spam lost spirit ship and that's it for the 1p version. 2. In rPvE 9 it is at least 20 times easier winning every single game. Especially with Map of
  18. This is the one point I don't understand. In which world does PvP have higher rewards than PvE on paper? While the PvP high ranked community seems to be always begging for gold people from the PvE faction are laughing about me with millions of gold. A high elo speedrun PvE team could farm about 100.000 gold in an hour. A high elo PvP player can get up to 6000 gold. An average PvP player will sit on about 3000-4000 in an hour (searching times not even included into the calculation). Might be even less since the skill level isn't normally distributed due to the high activ
  19. Toggy managed to chose the only day where I ended up being completely unable to attend to the tourney this week. At least I can go through the VOD this evening and rewatch the games
  20. Just to throw in a certain idea here -> Make more PvP quests and let people choose between a PvP or a PvE quest tree. So no one ends up being forced to play a game mode he doesn't want to play. -> Give PvP meaningful gold rewards, especially for losing players the experience is awful. As I already stated, the current values are even worse compared to EA times. This would give people a choice of playing PvP to farm upgrades and cards and it also would be less frustrating to lose matches if you get decent gold/bfp rewards. Someone lost 5 games in a row because of bad
  21. Killroy started playing again about one or two weeks ago.
  22. From a competitive side a slower grind would be a problematic aspect for the game. Right now I want to talk specificely about the huge entrance barrier for PvP as I'm not as experienced at the competitive PvE aspect as some other guys here in this discussion. In order to start playing PvP on a competitive level you need at least 1 upgraded and nearly fully charged deck. Otherwise you are at a clear disadvantage, as nearly every single upgrade changes trading patterns. Witthout upgrades you can not use your charge upgrades aswell which simply weakens your late game capabilities by al
  23. Right now the average player gets 7 boosters & 1050 bfp at best in one week. Getting 21 promo cards from that is impossible (Even a single one could be considered lucky). The people, who got these insane amounts of cards and bfp were simply abusing an unstable market that allows huge benefits through effective trading.
  24. rPvE 10 1p 14:45, this month is truly super easy.
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