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  1. If you want we can play a game together some time if you want to see how I use the deck.
  2. Nether warp. Also if you have trouble to keep the Bloodhorn alive you could add life weaving (maybe instead of suppresion), but in general using his stampede ability will keep his health up enough.
  3. I like to use this deck: I like to use it because it is focussed on using mostly spells and only a few units. With Shine of Greed power comes back very fast, so even with one bloodhorn it is easy to nuke a base. For lvl10 add blaster cannon (r) to deal with air units.
  4. What are your pc specs and do you get an error message when it shuts down? Could you please post your log.txt and launcher log when that happens? You can find them in My documents\Battleforge\diag\. You may also send them directly to Kubik on discord.
  5. I think you are confused on the goal of the test server lebovin. It is meant to test new features and bug fixes that have a big impact and might need some fine tuning before we bring it to the normal server. It is not meant to split up the community so that people who want all cards/no progression always play on the test server. The community is small enough as it is, we don't want it to become even harder to find pvp matches/team mates. So we only advertise the test server when there is something to be tested.
  6. Did you also try it in a normal game? Some cards are buggy in the forge but work normal in actual games.
  7. Rogan starts earlier when you have killed all walls.
  8. Please send us logs and give tell us exact times when the freezes occur. Also make sure you are using a stable internet/wifi connection. I have played hundreds of games myself and I rarely encountered freezes in the past half year. So if they do happen to you, please give us more info so we can try to fix it (if the problem is server sided).
  9. The problem is that you won't sell the card if other people offer it cheaper. Extending the auction won't help in such cases, you will also need to lower the price a bit. I would prefer more something like having a button that puts the selected card up for auction at the lowest current buyout - 10bfp (and with the minimum bid 10 lower than that). And it would be even cooler if you also are able to update your current auction with this button (if nobody has bid on it), so that the button would do the same as cancelling the auction, retrieve the card from mail, lookup the lowest curren
  10. Sure go ahead. You can even announce the stream on our discord channel if you want.
  11. It is the same password as for this forum.
  12. Could you make sure you antivirus is off/not doing something to launcher.exe? And could you upload a screenshot of your battleforge dir so we can see which files are there/missing?
  13. Yes. And the login is the email address that you used for your forum account. Not sure why you chose this old thread to ask this question? ? If you are having trouble to login, please post at the technical support section.
  14. What do you mean you can't change it with sending an email? You also cant login to your email or the mail never arrives?
  15. Please upload your log file when this happens (or send it to kubik on discord) . You can find it it my documents\battleforge\diag\ Please include both log.txt and launcher_log_xxxxx.log
  16. Maybe allow players to submit a replay for both competitions but you can only win one prize (the highest)? And maybe also add a competition for the fastest solo run?
  17. Also check if the launcher.exe proces is running in the background. It might be stopped by antivirus.
  18. Could you please post your log file next time it happens? You can find it in my documents\battleforge\diag\ Log.txt and launcherxxxx.xx.xx.xxx.log Did someone disconnect during the match btw?
  19. Could you upload your log file when it happens so the devs can fix it? You can find it in my documents\battleforge\diag\ log.txt and _launcher_log_2019.xx.xx_xxx.log
  20. Did you try all steps from the thread below? And do you have the newest version of the Microsoft .NET Framework installed?
  21. Actually you are not the first to once have a record on all 4p maps, maybe the first team with the same 4 players though. Congrats with this milestone. I think you are not counting correctly. Insane God and Nightmare end? And of course you still have a challenge of beating all current records.
  22. Please send the log files (log.txt and _launcher_log_2019.xx.xx_xxx) to Kubik on Discord or post them here. You can find them in my documents\battleforge\diag\
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