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  1. I feel like you people are in need of something... 

    You need the love I spread ❤

    Take my love and give it to all the people you know ❤❤❤❤

    (Yes, I am alwaya like that)

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    2. YaBro0


      Well.... this is far away from the love I expected...

    3. sylvix95


      @Eirias I founded a new religion for your gif.

    4. Eirias


      @sylvix95:) I drew that myself, btw.

      If you want 5 minutes of stuff like that it will go up here at some point....

      I was going to try to upload it 2 weeks ago, but it's not quite done and I'm busy for the next two weeks, so fingers crossed it will go up by Valentine's Day.

  2. Love for everyone ❤❤❤

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    2. anonyme0273


      :money: can't buy you love, but it sure can buy you :cookie:  :P 

    3. Ladadoos


      You can buy <3 with :cookie: 

    4. YaBro0


      Can u buy :cookie: baked with ❤?

      And if :cookie: are your big ❤, can you buy ❤ with ??

  3. Eirias and me commentated 2 more PvP Replays. Watch them on the "Battleforge Reborn Community" Youtube Channel :)

  4. Who is worse EA or Kim Jong-Un? ;)

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    2. anonyme0273



      Jong Un, Jong Il, Il Sung

      And the one better known around the world (unfortunately)

      The one and only Kim... Kardashian

    3. Eirias


      To be fair, none of this would have been possible without EA in the first place....

    4. Kaliber84


      @Eirias Not entirely true. Without EA the studio might have simply gone to another publisher. The problem is that publishers got pretty strict restrictions on their game studios and if the studio is (partly) owned by the publisher even more so. Another problem is that publishers usually require the studio to sell them the intellectual property along with the publishing rights. So the game completely becomes property of the publisher even though the "only" thing they do is market it. Game studios can't do anything later on even if the publisher decides to not do anything with the game anymore. EA is simply an especially bad case.

  5. Battleforge Reborn or Battleforge 2 from EA? :D



    1. anonyme0273


      I am quite sure I know the anwser. EA ain't gonna do sh*t about BattleForge, unless there were millions of us here with our wallets dripping $$$ as we walk.

  6. Battleforge or your girlfriend?

    Guess I should stop playing ....

    With my girlfriend then :)

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    2. YaBro0


      Roses are red,

      Violets are blue, 

      You're damn right,

      So let's start a new.

    3. anonyme0273


      Roses are red,

      violets are blue,

      that's a mighty good idea,

      count me in too

    4. Dallarian


      Roses are red

      Violets are blue

      I created monsters

      find new thread for you



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