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  1. Hey Eirias,


    Thanks a lot for the offer to get some coaching/feedback on streamed sparrign matches. I don´t think you have a scheduled stream right? You do so spontaneously i assume, based on some of your videos.

    Besides that i got some sparring matches vs ElemenG and Arno in the last 2 days. That helped already vs some match ups a bit. I even won a few games. But they are both (far) better player in the end and are more consistent etc.

    Your kind and helpign the community with your time. Truly appreciated

    Best regards




    Btw. im kind of busy this weekend. So i wont be available the next 2 days most likely

    1. Eirias


      Awesome 🙂

      Yeah stream is spontaneous for now, maybe I'll get into a schedule though. We can plan ahead if that's something you're interested in.

      Also totally happy to review replays on stream/video if you want to send any of those 🙂

    2. LichterLoh


      Then ill have to start saving some replays .. ;D )or keep an eye out for halfway decent ones.

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