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  1. 20 pages of "takes ur time devz" and it's not gonna stop here. Take it easy & see you in the forge :))
  2. Imho cliff dancers are part of the game and should be used the way they are intended: as a long-ranged sieging tool. Obviously they're counterable but they are simply overpowered and have to be balanced without removing them from the "must have" pure fire equip. A power cost increase could be an option.
  3. What if my PvP opponent doesn't answer? Do I lose then? What if they don't send you a message with a replay? Apart from that, the rules seem legit. And ty for premade teams :3
  4. So first we have to make sure that we don't decide to make it random Actually this number thing is a pretty good idea (still hoping we don't ever use it) even though it could be quite difficult to use. 5+5 > 8+2 imho. Btw, maybe the highest rank a player ever achieved would say more than a guessed number, or both in combination.
  5. Imho randomizing the teams wouldn't balance anything at all, because there is still the same amount of veterans, casual players and new players. Many players (like e.g. me) would enjoy the tournament much more if they could play with a friend or a mate from the good old BaFo times. Assigning each player to a team would also result in a pretty much imbalanced tournament as there is no way to tell which player is good or bad. TL;DR: I wanna play with my m8, bro
  6. signing in for 1v1 and 2v2 (with Silverdragen)
  7. [quote] Imho = In my honest opinion Imo = In my opinion [/quote] should not be written with a capital i imho
  8. I am very happy to see @Hirooo explaining my point of view :D [quote='Eirias' pid='9218' dateline='1437691181'] Firedancers should do fire stalker damage over walls and cliffs, and their normal OP damage otherwise. [/quote] Very good idea, this would be a great way to balance cliffdancers without touching the maps. Might be not easy to code but I think it could be possible. When there is unwalkable ground in the projectile way it should deal less damage. This would also increase the difficulty of Fire t2 in general (considering that dancers are part of most fire decks) with imh
  9. [quote='ladadoos' pid='7491' dateline='1437267368'] [quote='Ultrakool' pid='7489' dateline='1437267183'] I always wondered why there are no promo buildings or spells. 1 of those would be pretty awesome.# Building: Church of negation Spell: Enlightenment? AFAI remember the animation(i don't think there was any) for enlightenment was pretty lame. New art + animation for enlightenment would be pretty cool. [/quote] Spells is just a thing you see for a few seconds, sometimes not even for a sec, while an unit is something you see for a long time. So I kind of think it would be a waste of a
  10. Navarr

    OP Card(s)

    No card will be removed from the game. We can talk about how to fix certain cards which are too strong in any way but I have not read any good reason for a card to be OP in the whole forum atm.
  11. Navarr

    most op card

    In 1v1, imho the game was very well-balanced. All cards mentioned above are counterable in an efficient way for almost every deck combination. Obviously some decks are good against certain other decks. A good example is tree spirits against frost t1: While they fit extremely well in the diverse nature t1 they're insanely efficient counters to Frostmage and IG. But Frost can handle the rush with IB to block splash damage and HS or even Glyph to zone and efficiently kill the opponent. Actually, in a longer t1 fight, Frost will most likely win against its "counter".
  12. Actually Keksbändiger is the correct spelling. #grammarnazi
  13. doesn't know that I knew that you knew that i didn't .. wait I've lost my train of thought :o
  14. doesn't get that I also have no f*king clue :D
  15. doesnt understand what's so obvious right now
  16. I can feel the hype deep inside me. So excited :o
  17. The Easter Egg nasty was pretty cheap if you wanted to knockback some dudes. So OP.
  18. BaFo was one of the best games I've ever played so I'm very happy that it's coming back. Good work so far! Btw, I read about people worrying about the balancing/fixes in the future. From my perspective BaFo was really well-balanced at its last patches so that's a point we can forget about atm.
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