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  1. Aaaand that's the point where Navarr joins the discussion again xD Can you all please stay with the topic which is not PvP but the fact that beginners can't get a hold onto the current system? This way the community can't grow and we all don't want to see the downfall of Skylords earlier than expected. So, what are we gonna do? Maybe focus on the topic and evaluate the already stated points instead of dodging to other debates. I would really wish that some points we brought up about PvE and general BFP : Booster value and market balance would be adressed. Also Kubik, we all appreciat
  2. Ok and that's the point where I'm out. Sorry, I don't think you understand what I am saying or you are not taking this seriously.
  3. I hope you are joking Kubik
  4. Are you serious? What about the rest of my post? With knowing the prices I mean I know what number I can type into the fields so I can sell with profit.
  5. Sure it works but for players like me who know the prices, it's very easy to make huge money off some beginners that don't know the market yet. I find this unfair even though I'm on the receiving end. Just saying. And it'd be easy to fix cuz one of the huge factors is that the current value ratio of bfp to boosters is somewhat like 1:3. Also an important point to mention in that regard: As a new player on the server, it would be better if you can afford to OPEN the boosters so you get a lot of different cards instead of spending lots of time and bfp on a market you don't know yet and
  6. Sure it is effective. But think about who of these people are the beginners. Are the beginners the people that know the prices, have capital and make good profit? Or are the beginners the people that lose money on these people because they are new? Also why are lucky dudes who got several promos in the first days relevant for this thread? Most people don't compare to this.
  7. Then these players are people we probably don't need and want. I don't know a single player that has close to all cards. Also I think there are more people that left or are leaving now (or didn't even start) because they have the same problem like myraezel. So 7 x 440 bfp = lvl 120 deck? I cant LOL hard enough.
  8. Btw maybe it would be a good idea if we think about the current relative value of bfp compared to boosters. When every play gets 150 bfp and 1 booster thats worth ~450 bfp, how does the value of bfp change in relation to the cards? Is this effect being exaggerated by multi accounting? How could we solve the worth of bfp relative to boosters?
  9. Hmm why are they so unevenly split btw? For example in Guns of Lyr all the upgrades are much more rare and valuable than Siege of Hope or Encounter with Twilight
  10. Why did you quote your old post where you feed into the germans vs russians thing? xD very unprofessional imho
  11. If the Activity% dropped waaayyy faster, I think that rewarding top PvP players would be a great idea. Imho it would be fair if everyone above a certain rank (lets say r20 or even 40 and higher) gets the exact same reward so there is less dodge-queuing etc.
  12. If everyone had the same deck, I would agree with you. But in reality, every player's deck is different. In a game that is balanced around u3 fully charged decks, noobs and pros will face matchups they can not possibly win just because of the cards played. This would be extremely toxic and frustrating for everyone, thus it's recommended to only play PvP with a fully upgraded and charged deck. Edit: Tournaments are also very important for the PvP community so it'd be great if we don't have to wait 2-3 months again after the next reset to have non-toxic tournaments.
  13. Why? I actually know a lot of people that don't play and rather wait for the next reset and an update of the quest system. For different reasons. Some don't play games that have daily quests cuz it interferes with their time management. Some don't like bugs and crashes and wait for everything to be as stable as possible. Some just want to start at the same time as everybody else cuz they missed the Stress Test start. The second part of your post is damn right tho.
  14. If the market was fair and stable and the progress way faster, I think most players wouldn't have a problem to regrind the cards. It may be true that some people would lose interest after obtaining all cards 1x including promos, but I don't think that most core players share this opinion. At least for all PvP players I can tell for sure, that they START their actual progression when they have 4x every card they need. PvE players that add any value to the community also most oftenly need more than 1 charge of enlightenment, infect, and so on. So I don't really get who constructed this whole ide
  15. I'm playing since several months and I don't even have NEARLY half of the cards I need. My calculation 3 months or something ago, where I said I'd need over a year, is still correct. So where do you have this number from? Are you just counting single cards and don't care about charges? :'D
  16. I should've looked at the date before entering the tournament. Can't play sadly. Gl hf to all participants.
  17. On small maps it's actually very stronk but on bigger maps too slowwww
  18. Navarr

    T1 Fire vs T1 Nature

    Btw I don't know how I could forget that. But Thugs are really, really good to tank tree spirit damage.
  19. Red Snapjaws are playable in nische pve situations btw cuz they apply dmg buff against buildings.
  20. Navarr

    Nature Deck T1

    You need all 4 charges to have a viable nature deck because on small maps you can't win mirror matches against more shamans.
  21. Sadly I don't have time to play at the moment eheheheheheh
  22. Navarr

    T1 Fire vs T1 Nature

    Against tree spirit spam write "thanks gg" in chat and always push the 1 more well so your enemy is forced to attack if he doesnt wanna lose on power. Then use the well to tank the tree damage and place units behind it. Firesworn is pretty good when you don't have enough space for splitting the sunstriders. On spots like the Lajesh corners where you can't place units behind your well, you obviously have to be careful with this tactic.
  23. Navarr

    T1 Fire vs T1 Nature

    Make 2 scavengers guarded by 1 or 2 sunstriders each and fight with these 2 squads on 2 different locations. Nature units are too expensive to keep up with the pressure in early game so if you place the erus well to finish quickly and take map control, you should come out ahead
  24. Why do you want me to lose a lot of rankeds on purpose so I can participate?
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