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    Thank you for your report! Next time please use the template we defined when reporting bugs. It can be found here: I will move this report to the client-sided section.
  2. Changes: - Added `Balance Developer` position
  3. Everyone submits their replay in which they show how they achieved a certain amount of points. Instead of looking at all submissions as one pool, we will divide the submissions into two pools (Novice and Expert) depending on the points. We will not disclose in what group you are in with a certain amount of points. Primary goal of this is to avoid having very good players claim all the rewards, as now we will also look at the "top" novice players.
  4. Adding a feature to be able to separate decks into folders should be relatively easy. With that being said, the biggest complication with this feature would be figuring out how to properly manage the decks (as in, determine what decks goes where and be able to move them between folders), because drag and drop functionality in BattleForge is quite weird and as of now would require research to figure out if it could be built upon (or if it would require us to build our own drag and drop framework). Or maybe there is a good enough way to manage decks without drag and drop.
  5. I like it. Do we consider it an issue global and region have the same color?
  6. This feature is technically possible and could be added with relative ease (with an option to disable it) if there's enough interest for it. Personally though, I think the BattleForge chat can already be quite bloated. Saying hi in the Strategy channel already is [{GM}Ladadoos] says to strategy: hi and with this feature it would only get longer. But I suppose this symptom is alleviated with the setting to disable this feature. The timestamp could perhaps be a tooltip on each message instead, too. How would you format the timestamp?
  7. I would like to quickly touch upon this because it is, yet again, a wrong assumption that is just randomly being thrown in public. We are far from having a surplus of developers: there are currently three (client) developers who could work on this feature, being me, Zyna and now MarcoMaar too. There is a reason we have open developer positions as can be seen here. The booster history feature was an entry test for the client developer position and not a feature our current client developers worked on. So please(!) either contact a staff member to discuss these matters to avoid making false assumptions, or even better, leave it out considering it adds no value to the suggestion you are making. To make matters worse: staff need to spend their time correcting this, which is time that could have been spent developing. Those remarks and comments like "it will most likely die like always and go unnoticed" are also completely unnecessary and just distract from what matters: the suggestion. Because there is more involved than the implementation and also seemingly simple tasks can more often than not be very difficult or impossible to add. So please let the developers who have the required game knowledge and access to the codebase judge the simplicity of an implementation. Now, as for your suggestions: Adding a new currency is possible. Adding cosmetics is possible and has been WIP for a while. Adding multipliers is possible.
  8. If you happen to wait for more than 5 minutes without doing a single in-game action like commanding your troops to move or spawn a unit, then the game will detect you as being AFK, correct. There are in-game messages that warn you multiple times before it considers you to be AFK.
  9. Changes: - Added `Backend web developer` position - Added `Frontend web developer` position - Added `Tool Developer (C#)` position
  10. Going AFK in matches for longer than 5 minutes will not progress your playtime or quest/achievement rewards. I can see in your logs you received these in-game AFK warnings.
  11. Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolk! Today we are happy to welcome @Tweeto to the team as a 2D artist. He has shown interest, commitment and skill through numerous art pieces he has worked on in our official Discord server. Two of those pieces are attached to this announcement: one is a rework of the Amii Phantom card artwork and another one is artwork for a possible new Amii card. The end result looks very promising and we are thrilled to have him on the team, as having new artwork for cards makes it that much more exciting to add new cards. Although card artwork is a prominent task moving forward, he has shown to also have skills in other areas such as UI. This means that besides card artwork, he could also help with creating new UI elements to be used in the in-game UI. All around a very solid addition to the team! Do not forget that we are still looking for new members! You can read all about it in our open staff positions thread:
  12. We are not opposed to add extra achievements (and we hope to add more in the future!), but especially for end-game achievements a reward such as an ordinary booster or card is sometimes not fulfilling. You don't want to receive a booster when you already have all cards. Some achievements scream to have a custom reward that can only be received by completing this achievement: and if you can show this accomplishment to others, the better. I think an achievement like this is a good example for a custom reward, where you could perhaps receive a custom title that shows next to your name or a fire border around your in-game avatar. The idea is that people see this title and know you can only get it by completing a specific achievement (and therefore are aware of the effort you have been through to get it): an indirect flex, if you will.
  13. @DieToPlay For a long time there have been ideas about creating a character management feature in-game, where there would not only be more avatar pictures but also in-game borders and titles. They could perhaps be bought with gold or be rewards from achievements and events. Either way, adding new avatar pictures should not be difficult, but it is time consuming.
  14. I would like to mention that the approach taken here is not the right one when it comes to notifying us of (unfair) bans. The best thing to have done would be to have created a Ban Appeal thread or to have contacted us on Discord using the staff bot (and not in public chat), as Ultrakool said. We indeed have full history of all in-game transactions and can easily check the flow of resources between different accounts. We are more than willing to spend the time to investigate the case and unban if necessary, if you approach us through one of the two previously mentioned ways. But you need to have a little patience and should not expect an immediate answer from us.
  15. A summary of this announcement is written at the bottom. Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and other Skyfolk! Over the past two months project progression has considerably slowed down and it has become apparent that the community is in need of a status update. This announcement aims to provide said status update, where we discuss what has happened the past few months, what the current status of the project is, what some of the roadblocks are and how we plan to alleviate them, what we are currently focusing on and what our plans and expectations are to move forward. We also take a more in-depth look at the current roadmap for new cards and card balancing, and newly added staff members. General project state and current plans Let us start by going back more or less 1 year. At that moment @Ladadoos and @Zyna were still only client developers and the only server developer, Kubik, had just left us. With no foreseeable new server developer and the server being in a very unstable state, Ladadoos and Zyna decided to step up and become server and client developers. For the next few months they worked many hours per day to fix as many game related issues as possible and bring the gaming experience to an enjoyable state so that Skylords Reborn could finally release. This lead to the project reaching an unsustainably high update throughput, likely giving false expectations for parts of the community for the future. Just before the project released the only two administrators, InsaneHawk and MrXLink, also stepped down from their role. The lack of a leading role started to show and considering Ladadoos and Zyna had the most involvement in the project at the time they stepped up to also become administrators. As a step in the process of re-structuring the team and improving work efficiency, we noticed that there was a clear need for extra designers. Game design has always been behind and with release coming, we needed to finish design decisions quickly. That is when @ImaginaryNumb3r joined which helped immensely and, alongside other designers, we were able to get game design to an acceptable state for release. On December 18th, 2020 Skylords Reborn released. With this milestone achieved we decided to shift more of our attention to ensuring our servers properly handle the hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of concurrent players and to start implementing our first ever card balance changes! With the help of ImaginaryNumb3r, Zyna and the discord balancing server we released our first big card balance change on 1st of January, 2021. This was followed by a couple of extra updates, after which the project progression greatly decreased. ImaginaryNumb3r had to spontaneously spend a lot more time at his real-life job and Zyna and Ladadoos had to catch up with university duties like bachelor and master thesis. In the meantime other staff members have also had it busier than usual. This leads us to where we are now. Two months without game updates and a community without a clear idea of the current state of the project. In the past few weeks we have internally discussed project health and team structure and decided to use the little time we currently still have into adding more team members to the project and improving code and workflow documentations. This process takes a lot of time which unfortunately comes at the cost of even slower game progression. Ever since we made our open staff applications page we have had many new applications come in and a lot of time has been spent processing them. Our goal is to expand the team such that we try to minimize the chances the project hits a complete halt again and as a result you can expect the team to grow in the upcoming weeks/months. We recently also added three new roles (discord moderators, community manager and event organizer) alongside the existing ones, which should improve the current project state. Feel free to have a look! Faction design and new staff members That being said, today we are most happy to announce the future for card balancing and potential new cards in Skylords Reborn. To us, card balance is of critical importance to provide new experiences and allow for greater deck building freedom in the game. To accelerate this process we are proud to announce that we have established a team of 5 people which are dedicated to improve the overall gameplay and deckbuilding experience. With the introduction of this new team, we have created 2 new official titles: - Faction Designer: They explore the design space for card changes and create specifications which will be implemented. - Balance Developer: They implement features which were designed by Faction Designers or fix bugs of different sorts. They will also help map making in the future by adding new map specific units like bosses. In other words: faction designers design the cards and balance developers implement them. The team consists of the following members: - @RadicalX: Faction Designer with PvP focus - @WindHunter: Faction Designer with PvE focus - @Chibiterasu: Balance Developer - @Razeroc: Balance Developer - @ImaginaryNumb3r: Lead Faction Designer Expectations and steps moving forward Experience has shown that working on balance and faction design is too work intense for just one developer at a time. As such, it goes without saying that you can expect more frequent balance iterations with card changes which won't only address balance, but also bugfixes and quality-of-life changes. Furthermore, we want to use our new resources for improved communication and greater transparency in terms of card and faction design. Card changes are important steps to make the game more fun, but because there are so many ways one can adjust cards good design is everything. For PvE in particular our ultimate goal is to strengthen the identity of each faction (pure elements and hybrid factions) and give them their own signature playstyles. But for now, our efforts are best spend on cards which don't require a mechanical rework to make viable (like the Mutating Maniac buff). And for PvP, our new development resources allow our expert group (a group of hand-picked community members that help with design) to make faster progress and make more tests. In the future you can expect more detailed short and long-term goals for card balancing. That is it for now. Thanks for your continued support the past few months and we look forward to what the future brings us! Summary Developers and designers are very busy with real-life jobs and university. New open staff roles were made here as an attempt to keep the project progressing. These rules include discord moderators, community manager, event organizer, developers, designers etc. A lot of time is currently spent reviewing applications and making it easier to integrate new staff members. @Chibiterasu and @Razeroc were recently added to staff and are responsible to implement card changes designed by the new faction designers @RadicalX and @WindHunter. This should greatly speed up card/faction balancing.
  16. @Mmaoo Thanks for the report, however this is not something we can easily fix since we do not have the game source code. I will move it to archived.
  17. This achievement is working as intended. This is a stonekin achievement, unlike the other which is a nature achievement. For the stonekin achievement to progress, your deck must have cards that require nature orbs and frost orbs, and nothing else (besides neutral). A pure nature deck won't work, neither will a pure frost. It needs to be a deck that consists of nature and frost (which can either be from a combination of pure nature and pure frost cards, or for example all nature cards with a few stonekin cards). Hope it clarifies the progression criteria.
  18. Thanks for the question! As of now, not particularly. Even though everyone's time is very much appreciated, I am afraid 3 hours per week would currently not justify a developer role. Your time availability sounds like it would be more suitable for an open source project, which we are not as of now.
  19. Thanks for the questions. We understand that real life comes first and also encourage you to prioritize it over the project. People sometimes are absent and as long as there is a good reason for it that is fine. We are in the makings of designing a roadmap and new systems to keep the BattleForge experience fresh for everyone, where one of our focusses is to release content when it is ready compared to demanding it to be ready on a certain date (deadlines). This means: you contribute when you have time and if it is not done in time, we try to include what was being worked on in the next update. Of course you can't endlessly delay content and at one point it should be ready. How much time you exactly need to spend depends a lot on your skills and where exactly you want to help in. We are more goal focused instead of "you must spend X hours per week". "Is there more or less a freedom of choice, considering what i would work on based on a list of things or something?" Depends on where you want to help in exactly, but in general the team has an idea and purpose for the art (loading screen, card artwork, event artwork etc.) and might suggest a few ideas. We are not going to say that you absolutely need to make something a certain way, because a case like this should ideally never happen considering the team should have their values and visions aligned. I think the most important part is that you should be open to constructive criticism and be willing to incorporate feedback into your work if you or the majority of the team think it improves the content (in other words, not have the mentality "I want this and I will do it no matter what"). What you end up working on depends on what is needed at the time. Usually there is not so much work available where you have many options to choose from, but within an artwork you have a lot of freedom to propose your own ideas. We are not going to micromanage you. I hope this gives you a bit more insight. Let me know if you have any remaining questions.
  20. We have restructured our open staff positions, and other ways you can contribute to the project. Please consider reading the following thread instead. Thank you!
  21. These bugs are only visual: both top-left that shows your current BFP and the negative BFP in the post-game screen.
  22. Thanks for the report. In all of these cases the lost BFP is only visual, because your client added too much BFP and then the server corrected it so it looks like lost BFP.
  23. Sounds interesting, but how would you imagine that to work considering you could I assume just edit your collection before uploading it? Or what exactly was the idea of being able to compare inventories with other players? A feature I had started a long time ago but actually never finished was being able to export your decks and import decks in-game, and to make it work together with like the cardbase (as in, you can import decks from cardbase). But considering the cardbase will be replaced in the future at one point, it's on hold.
  24. Last year 18th of December we released and everyone's progression was reset. This means everyone had to start with a fresh account. This is something we have always said we would do at release. Also, please speak English on this forum.
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