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  1. Good to hear! I have heard from other players that this is fixed too, so for now I will close this and move it to resolved. Open a new thread if is happens again
  2. Your like reminded me to write here that the update is live. Can you test if this is fixed ?
  3. @T1421 Thanks for the report. I have an update ready for tomorrow which will hopefully put an end to these gold chest issues. I will write here once the update goes online, please test afterwards.
  4. Thanks for the report, but this is not a bug. 2vs2 was not working properly for a very long time, which means no one played 2vs2. These issues should be fixed with the latest update, so I will move this to resolved. Result after playing a match:
  5. This is a bug that does not follow forum template and is a duplicate of
  6. Aviator pushed an update for the updater, this should be fixed. I will move this to resolved @Destenysan. Make a new thread if there is still an issue please.
  7. @2kHan Thank you for the report. This bug should be fixed for the next update. I have however fixed the issue temporarily for you, so you should be able to open your mails again.
  8. To which the answer is: There were already issues about anti-virus prior to this update. And no, we don't need Kubiks help. We can manage on our own. I will also close this thread and move it to resolved as the solution for this bug has been found. If you, even after the answers from Zyna, still want to discuss this matter, feel free to make another thread in General talk.
  9. Thanks for the bug report, this is a known issue and will hopefully be fixed soon. As of now, here is a temporary workaround:
  10. Hi, please try to speak english so we can all understand Here is an image on how you can change ingame language, I hope it helps. This is just temporary, later we will fix this bug.
  11. Considering this fixed. If the problem still occurs, please make a new thread! Thanks
  12. Considering this fixed. If it still occurs, please make a new thread. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the report everyone. Can you guys try adding BattleForge.exe and Launcher.exe as an exception to your anti-virus and checking if that fixes it? @Wildblue @BigSzu @giotto997
  14. This should be fixed. If not, please open a new bug report.
  15. I will move this thread. Please open another thread if this still occurs.
  16. Has anyone else been experiencing this issue? I have been told by some players that this is just a visual bug and that it is fixed by switching to the Gold tab and back to Loot.
  17. Ladadoos

    Ghost lobby

    Considering there is no report after Zyna's message from July 7, I will consider this fixed. Please make a new report if it happens again.
  18. With our newest update we have a new launcher. This one should be more stable and hopefully fix this issue. If it still occurs, feel free to write a new bug report.
  19. We have always asked to follow this template, no matter how simple the issues seems. We spend hundreds of hours of our time to make this game work for you and all we ask of you is to take a few extra minutes to write a proper bug report (following the template).
  20. This is a known issue and should hopefully be fixed for next update. There is also an issue with gold chests on other maps, which should also be fixed next update.
  21. Thanks for the report. Are you sure it always happens? Looking at the leader boards, some players managed to successfully play and win 12P maps with 12 players. This indicates it doesn't happen always?
  22. There would be no extra gamemode. What there would be however is upgrade three fully charged cards considered as tome cards which can only be used in PvP (ranked and unranked). I don't see this necessarily splitting the community, as PvP players don't seem to play PvE regardless. What this would do is make PvP players not quit the game.
  23. Hi @Klaidonis and welcome ! We have two servers currently: production and test. Production is where almost all players normally play and the test server is where players can test the latest updates/features/bug fixes before they are added to production. We have a discord server where details on how to join the test server are mentioned. Anyways, 1) and 2) should be fixed for the test server. As for 3), that is a long term goal of us to add 4k support. The UI of BattleForge is not necessarily very flexible and we realize that there are people in the community that play with 4k screens.
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