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  1. Yeah that pretty much confirms open beta, finally ha ha!
  2. I'm a software developer as well, for ASP.net websites and other windows related services.
  3. Dex, bro what the heck? You here too? First that video online now this. I'll be damned.
  4. Story of my nick? Bunch of coke and hookers.
  5. Wish granted, but you're the only person left on earth. I wish every woman I touched fell in love with me.
  6. xsissel


    Belgian beers are pretty good as well, might want to get some of that. Anyone here lives around Eindhoven?
  7. 7/10 But I think this is better if you like that sounds (either this or disturbed).
  8. Wish granted, but cars in your country can only drive at 60mp/h max speed. I wish I had an endless amount of wealth.
  9. xsissel


    Weed schmeed, beer is where it's at.
  10. xsissel


    Heiniken is disgusting, i'll bring some Erdinger or some other good tasting (German) beer and some bitterballs!
  11. This is just an excuse to boost Post number. It feels a bit like a dog licking it's own balls to me. 2772
  12. Colombia 1 - 0 Japan Poland 2 - 0 Senegal Russia 1 - 0 Egypt
  13. Sweden 1 - 0 South Korea Belgium 3 - 0 Panama Tunisia 0 - 2 England´╗┐
  14. Egypt 0-2 Uruguay Morocco 1-0 Iran Spain 3-1 Portugal
  15. Well said. Especially for someone that went through college and more importantly 4 years of extensive IT training (in which I assume most books are mainly written in English), I doubt that you paid any attention whilst in college. So I too think either age of occupation has been altered in order to create a more "legit" story, for some reason.
  16. I don't mean any offense by saying this, but for an IT worker I find your skill in English disturbingly lacking.
  17. Just curious, recently started a new job building ASP.Net MVC 5 web applications.
  18. From your user avatar i'm taking it you're building most of the website related API's (and other tools) in ASP.Net (MVC probably?)?
  19. Truly screwed the pooch on my hex, guess im getting rusty ha ha. 2726
  20. I've just had an awareness training on GD-PR, talk about a coincidence, ha ha. Stuff gets tricky when you store data overseas though, but for now if everything is EU (or EEA rather) your data should be safe (if proper procedures are followed).
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