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  1. Hi, another one of the for after final release suggestions. I feel the current maximum deck u can have is not enough for me. (50) Its difficult to increase the number? I like to make a deck for every map for some maps each position one. For rpve every colour combination one. And for custom maps also. Kind regards
  2. Emmaerzeh´s Map Creation tutorial for dummies If u ever wanted to make a map but writing your own scripts was too difficult for you then this is for you. I would like to see people make some enjoyable Maps that i can play, since i played every official Map way too often. And pls dont spam useless Maps that not have Gameplay. First of all, I can not write my own scripts I can just modify other peoples easy scripts for me. Shout out and props to my old Map making collegue „Spitzkopf“ and thx to „Ladadoos“ who helped me out one time doing this. I just wann
  3. WoW u use retarded as a swearword. Didnt hear that in a long time. T4 binds 300 power not 100 so its more than amii monument. Kind Regards
  4. would be nice feature for cards nobody wants.
  5. I demand a Blight expert 4 player replay. The one here he jump with the cam i cant follow all the 4 positions. I can do the down left position. I know down right mana wings are involved. The two top positions i have no idea. Or maybe someone want try out with me and create the replay. A lot of try and error. Kind Regards
  6. I as a Map creator balance my Maps for u actually play without amii monument. If i must pretent that amii-monument is used i ll in my next map only place 3 orbs. Then i make bases balanced for the player has t4. This results in every player must own that card. And 1 slot is allway occupied for your t4 (amii monument). Any Community Challange of Official Maps or Communitymaps had restrictions for some cards cause otherwise the way of how the map is supposed to play is bypassed. I also want go back in history. In original first edition the g
  7. I agree that curse well should be straight up deleted or must cost like 400 energy. The enemy loose 100 energy permanently for 150 energy but u will get 90%(?) back to void so its. u loose 15 energy permanent the enemy loose 100. The amii monument takes 1 slot, but it saves u several slots cause u not need t3 cards. Kind regards
  8. The nerf wasnt enough. As i sayd how can it be cheaper then a normal monument. To make it more obvious ... then make it cost 1 energy and make it give u 3 orbs. then u can t1 build it and u are t4. If u not want u not have to play it. :-) Its not cheat but OP too the max.
  9. Hi all, i make it short. Amii monument needs to be nerfed. It binds less power then a regular monument. So its allways better in pve to build an amii monument then a regular monument, and u dont have to clear the regular monument and u dont need t3 units at all. Like it is now imho its like cheat. Even if it would cost 500 to build it plus activation cost 300 people would still play it. I suggest to make the energy costs like this. Pls take it into consideration for after the final release. Kind Regards
  10. HI Karl, Just load your map into the editor and press... File- Pak map The .pak file now is in the folder where the loaded map is lokated. A old bf mapmaker could help me answer my question. Kind Regards
  11. give communitymaps loot Here i made a suggestion to give communitymaps loot. "Radical x" allready suggested the same. but i gave a suggestion how it could work. PLs take it into consideration. Kind Regards
  12. Thx so far,but how i make .pak files out of my files? Internet say just change the ending of the file to .Pak. for example "123.zip" change to "123.pak" But i still cant find the map. pls make a how to make your map into .pak for dummies for me. Ty in advance
  13. 1: where do i need to put the maps again (folder) to can choose them ingame? 2: Does the ingame comunitymap upload and download allready work? Kind regards
  14. Hi Skylords, back in the day manny people never play comunitymaps, until they got all cards and upgrades. I suggest to give some comunnitymaps which are choosen by devs loot. for example i make a map. i tell the devs pls check my map. they check it and they choose its a good map or not. then they put the good maps onto a list. then they make a quest. play 1-x communitymaps from the list of chosen comunitymaps to complete the quest. tada now the people have a reason to play a comunitymap, and its no free loot. It motivate not only the players but the mapmakers too.
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