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  1. Have never even used that card. Can't recall even seeing it
  2. Shadow has been stolen by the twilight, We hate Twilight because of it. Do not trust them and do not trust that Shadow affinity, it's not true shadow.
  3. Never played, will never play. There's no shadow involved....
  4. Wish granted but that wish is the only wish the wish master cannot wish for you so it didn't fullfill I wish I had a lot of candy.
  5. Finally a dedicated shadow guide. Shadow for life
  6. Spell in shadow T1? What could go wrong? Obviously the best card you could ever have. Allowed for some great turns in battles and also could turn an entire game if used in the right way and situation
  7. Was my first rare card that's why I'm hyped about it
  8. I feel like we need a new card. What's better than the mighty Grim Bahir? I like this as it spits out shadow balls and can steal life. It's also shadow
  9. I really liked soulshatter in PvP, I rarely used T3 spells in PvE though. I don't really have much more than that to say
  10. Useful in PvP on some occasions but overall I don't think it's that great as it's a T3 card and usually 1v1's don't go further than T2
  11. @Ultrakool how long time did you spend clicking "next page" to find this?
  12. My current schedule.....







    I feel alive. :kappa:

  13. I find him great for killing bigger units if I play fire, otherwise he's just annoying as he stops a lot of my L and XL units from rushing bases
  14. Easter Egg was probably the most OP card ever, did you see the power cost on it? 25?!?! That's a cheap ass card. Still it has so many uses! It also looks really cool, 10/10 would buy again.
  15. The losing team could just check the replay if they think the match has been unfair (Deck level wise) and if there were some upgrades not allowed just report the match.
  16. I read that upgrades are allowed, wouldn't that give a huge advantage to a player that plays 16h / day for atleast the first days as he could have kind of an OK deck by then while a player that only does 2-3 hours would have 4-5 upgrades maybe at top. I see it as a Starting Tournament and therefor everyone should be on the same level.
  17. He's not a pure shadow card so personally I don't like him. He seems like a good base pusher in T3, seen him in a couple of replays
  18. We got some pretty smart devs though
  19. I think we all have the same thoughts about this. We want ~ 20 cards to be kind of quick to upgrade (maybe we want some limit that after a "x" amount it becomes harder to upgrade more cards) in a couple of days maybe. So in about 10-20 hours(?) you should be able to have ONE fully upgraded deck. This does not mean you should be able to have two fully upgraded decks in 20-40 hours as if you want to become a higher level player you might need more deck and then you should also have put some time into the game
  20. He probably means that the amount of grind that should be required should be lowed, I think that you should be able to get a full deck quite quick (A couple of days) of normal playing (Playing the campaign for a bit and some PvP) but for getting more than just your "main" deck maxed out there should be a little more grinding involved as you already have a fully functional deck then
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