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  1. I would play this tourney with everyone who wants to play. Only marked a few people for more viewer, comments & signups = more opponents.
  2. Im looking for 1 mate, too. Aragorn Silverdragon tbpeti Anonymos StreetKings darklionking
  3. Peace, i would also stream(twitch) pvp 1vs1/2vs2 with different decks if there are some requests. greetz
  4. http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/838-range-cliffing-standpoint/&page=3/#comment-26838 How to learn that skills? replay-analyses + analyse your mistakes & good moves + practise. Thats everything.
  5. i was talking and attacking other balancing threads & posts with my post. Nachtalb did a good job but the community needs to change their brightness
  6. <Content Removed> [NOTE by MrXLink: Please post in English]
  7. - ok - i was talking only about 2 cards that are little bit too strong in relation to NOT OP like every second card in this topic.. Do you think that was my clearly balancing opinion about battleforge pvp? i think radical is far from others the only player that you can take serious if you need a good advice & info. If you take madmic srsly then you can take everything srsly here but i think you do it anyway so i dont care about rank stack if the game should come out. - Because bandits is absolut underrated. Remember some years ago(around 6-7) where many players in top 20 played bandits som
  8. What is your opinion of highrank? Fury ? Im 95.843% sure that high ranks dont have different balancing wishes but you all cant understand that 99% of your balancing suggestions are useless because your not able to destroy situations/counter a better play and the fact should be its "OP". That are 2 different shoes. There still 3-5 cards that can be reworked a little bit. Thats for sure but all in one the game was balanced and there was no instant loss. The better player was able to win every single match against a player under his niveau. (exept on wazhai & some stupid unsymmetrical rndm ge
  9. - Comet Catcher op with enlightement - Nomads are op if they are in a group of 10+ other nomdas - Spellblock wtf. I was able to block every enemy worldbreaker gun. Thats the key card against frost with fire ! - Void Maw 100 mana for an instant kill. should be nerfed - Regrowth healed too much ! - Mana Wing !!! T1 air unit? Op with 5 other mana wings !! - Death glider. 60 mana for air unit? wtf ! - Tunnel .. i dont think that i need to talk about tunnel. Crearly OP it should be much more expensive. Did anyone of you played a ego shooter before? There is a reason why they are different stat
  10. Wow. Thanks for the video. At the point where we left he was emperor and sage for all the time of battleforge^^ //Edit Yea, that ranking list is a funny joke^^ Legend players in top 20, old hero player in top 5. A player that i and other high ranked players never lost against is prime. I dont think anyone should care about that ranking. But that means im not the last prime grr. but i had more Elo then MaranV
  11. #dreamworld yea because we recognized that bf gets closed. There was no reason to invest time into this game anymore. I dont know who hold the #1 after i went inactive but im sure that this person was not demi god or prime.
  12. maybe im an exeption but i had to laugh like a 3 years old kid about your self praise, come down because my t1 replay pack says other things i dont know how you played against nature/frost & mirror t1 but your shadow & fire t1 against fire t1 was not really good my bunny Anyway your T1 was not bad and i think good enough for bandits too, but it was very nervous and sometimes unfocused in our matches and what i saw in spectator mode. #matmicback #lossofreality #Silverdragon
  13. In 2on2 there are other situations for cliffdancers & support so there is no way to compare 1vs1 & 2vs2. @Eirias Wow. I wrote that i dont name any cards because i dont want to open a new discussion and what are you doing? Sometimes im very ashamed about people like you. You only read what you want to read and not the rest of a text - church of negation is the same like reaver spam & do perm heal. (Link below) i'll dont comment your discussion but there is a directly answer to your question in your post. I hope that you guys understand right now why many "high ranked" players
  14. equal power = opponents curse well = advantage for you in THAT moment = bundle your power into units and use your advantage to destroy some of your opponents wells/monuments in the next few minutes. Should be possible on "equal power". Bandits and Amii are very challenging. Its important to get an advantage in T1 to controll the match with your aggressive T2. You have to determine the speed of play. Defense isn't an option. Efficient pressure is the key ! Use your early advantage to get a higher one. Bandits is awesome and funny to play but only playable with great T1 skills. Thats my opinio
  15. i appreciate your comment. Back to your question ->. I think @RadicalX and @Anonymos are the players who can give you the best possible answers. gonna hold my opinion in my head because i dont want to open a new discussion but i only see 2 frost splash cards(T2 unit - T3 spell) that should be changed for many reasons for an absolute balanced PvP. Its not a MUST and i would be happy to play the game again - with the last meta. Maybe you've already recognized the cards. The problem is, that you need a lot of experience to win against a "good" LS player. Thats why many players are talking ab
  16. @LagOps Where will it end if you nerf cards because "you dont have the knowledge/skill to counter them or if you only cant play pvp correctly?" Frustration also comes up if you loose against reaver spam and Do perm heal. How can that happend? Missplays of myself. But many people only see the "opponent played op cards" aspect. Thats wrong and i understand that player at a lower elo dont understand the correct system of bf pvp but I think those people are not in the position the talk about nerfs/buffs
  17. Before you are talking about cliffdancer, think about your knowledge about map controll and mapspots. Its possible to REACT. I know that many players flamed ingame about cliffdancers but last but not least it was their fault - wrong taken wells - disadvantage - bad map controll - no presure - wrong counter plays or something else = They played wrong against pure fire but many many many players only see the Firedancer. (Firedancer(70), Banner(50) btw Have you guys noticed this aspects after you won/lost ? I dont think so ! In this case if anyone has a disadvantage its doesnt matter what the opp
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