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  1. Wait... whaaat? Disappointing to read such a sentence from you :0
  2. @Ultrakool has my M & air counter in his profile pic
  3. Asraiel wants to fly & swing like a living thing namens mana wing
  4. Would open up other problems for other T2 fire splashes. Props
  5. Is surprised like me about my photoshop & paint skills
  6. RB nerf sounds absolutely disgusting and thoughtlessly. Here is a way which would change the fact of "cliffdancing OP". Do you know that the animation of the fireball never went throught a cliff? There must be a math calculation between the ground,cliff & ball. Its only a math calculation between Dancer max. height ball || Target && max. height of a cliff between the route A -> B. If we say that cliffdancer should only 60-70% dmg over cliffs(which would be absolutely fine) you can go for "if there is a cliff (get value with ground datas & a distance calculation), then y
  7. Ladadoos reached warshief and is looking for a wikidoos.com domain
  8. #veryhasted #12PlayerMap #Solo #Gangnamstyle #Legit #Paint
  9. The game comes closer & closer so i can tell you that the guide is in progress right now. Best regards, xHighTech
  10. xHighTech

    Fire/Frost deck

    Only usefull in decks with a nature splash
  11. Thanks but it seems like that im gonna play with Silverdragen when the game is released & the tourney starts. I message you if something unexpected happens.
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