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  1. 4000? wtqwerqwrezhrwtfvhfsfhvsdfhvtds ^^
  2. Out of nowhere... Someone here whos playing clash royale?
  3. It's great to see how people hype himself before the game is released for all. Just keep the hype this time for a more interesting ranking ladder. I'm curious
  4. I'll release it in english but i attach a txt. file with a german version. Best regards, xHighTech
  5. Hello @Dodotron The most important thing in PvP is for sure the knowledge about the current advantage/disadvantage status ingame. Replays/Theory is very usefull, but only a little thing to get a better knowledge. Its better to analyse your own replays to figure out your own problems & mistakes. You've to trade units efficiently & to do the correct "move" ins the current situation. Thats the key about the game history. PvP is mostly learning by doing. You'll get a feeling for the current game situation if you played enough matches. After this, you know directly
  6. This T3 is very susceptible against cheap enemy T3 (L) units if you dont play a decent T2 because you dont really have a L counter & you cant play aggressor for knockback in a split defends situation every single time. (1v1*)
  7. Greetings, i would change Coldsnap with hurricane & razorchard with timless one for your T3. Best regards, xHighTech
  8. What do you think about a dual-commentary? :)


    Best regards,


    1. Eirias


      Let's do it!

      I can only speak English though. How should we arrange it?

  9. /*The Guide is almost finished. I'll get a new internet connection in exactly 20 days so im able to stream if BFR comes out. Best regards, xHighTech
  10. Accepted - Dont forget it if the game comes out 2020
  11. I would teach a player in every kinds of pvp like i did it before - Help - to get a wide pvp knowledge, recognize & "repair" own mistakes to reach high ranks. Conditions: - Advanced knowledge about PvP. - Advanced experience with his main deck. - Ability to recognize own mistakes. - Willingsness to learn (BF is all about learning by doing). - ENG/GER Best regards, xHighTech
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