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  1. Didn't know I was waiting for the troll. or wasn't i or was i?
  2. It is being developed for windows, although Blank(One of our main developers and admin) said he will look into making it "wine" compatible. He himself has a linus system. Of the two, it will run more smoothly on linux, while mac might have some problems. I hope that answers your question ^^
  3. Didn't know you could do this xD

    1. Ladadoos


      It is a lot of the times.. Instead of "Kind regards, ladadoos" I write, " Kind regards, :ladadoos: "


    2. Ultrakool


      Nah its more like

      Ladadoos: :ladadoos: 


    3. Ladadoos
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  4. How does this work exactly?
  5. How are priorities taken into account? any specific numbers on that? Weightage and such?
  6. what was/will be your preferred deck? Can you tell me something about play style? We'll try it out when the game starts thats for sure just if you can give me some info. I played fire nature before. Right now I'm thinking about getting into nature-frost Play style depends, but i try to outpower them by making efficient trades, cc, not t2 rush. rather well than an orb.
  7. why haven't I seen this before. Sign me up for 1v1 and 2v2 please looking for a partner who is available on ts/Skype
  8. It probably does some sort of calculation to see which maps would net you the upgrades you want the most compared to the number of upgrades that you can use per map. Does save a lot of time. Great Job Mephisto!
  9. I dont understand how setting up a company will aggravate EA or provoke them to create a reactionary response. If anything, everything(financials for example) will be much more transparent, and will lessen their doubts(If any) about the non-profit nature of this project or other legal matters. This will also more likely draw an official response from them, which is something we are still waiting for. Doing so would bring stability to the project. Another thing I'm not quite clear on. You state that you can manage the business more efficiently but don't really state how. Would you care to ex
  10. I researched abit, and a distinction has to be made between a non-profit organisation and an actual company(Non-Profit LLC). Of which the terms and conditions for the 2 are totally different. Of the two, the non-profit organization has more benefits to our cause(including but not limited to tax-exempt status) but also more restrictions(e.g. spending restrictions), but could also have other regulations regarding set-up that may prove to be more difficult. Mr X-Link said he'll try to look into it in more detail later.
  11. This is a very good move. @Shock_Viper and I was talking about this a while ago, and he is under the impression that donations to a registered LLC Non-Profit organization will enable donations to be eligible for tax-exempt status, in which case he informed me that he would be able to donate much more, since he will get it back in the form of a reduce in taxes. This should apply for a lot of others as well and increase donations tremendously. Good Luck!
  12. T-Minus 2 weeks, 2 days, 2 hours 33 minutes and 15 seconds.

    Fire at will!

  13. That will create diversity for sure, but I'm afraid it would split up the community too much
  14. I understand your point of view and freedom to trade should be a fundamental aspect of trading. However, a good point to bring up would be that account restricted gold could help combat multi accounting. Those that multiaccount with the goals of getting more BFP will be at a gold handicap since gold is no longer transferable. They would be trading possibly more cards(more BFP) for less upgrades. This is might force people to reconsider multi accounting, and will therefore reduce it.
  15. Stream ultra hypuuu 

  16. whats the last one? any idea?
  17. Im still waiting on the pdf. AFAIK you mentioned its not working anymore with the new format right? have you tried uploading on mediafire and pasting the link here? Mediafire is pretty easy in the sense that the uploading procedure is pretty simple.
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