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  1. Greetings, Skylords, Skyladies, Skyfolks! With Open Beta pounding on the locked gates of the Forge, we have considered it would be time to get some new Moderators in play to keep the community a friendly, safe, and comfortable environment, as well as the actual game server when open beta starts. In the past few weeks, there has been some internal discussion about hiring new moderators, and we have come to the conclusion that @Ultrakool would make a fitting addition to the team, due to his motivation, game knowledge, forum activity, and overall expertise. With this we have reached ou
  2. Shortly put, we endorse neither of those actions. There has been a lot of discussion going over this in the past, and we are of mind that smurfing heavily disrupts the ranked PvP scene and will, especially with an even smaller community that will rely heavily on newcomers, result in an insanely unfair PvP environment where matchmaking doesn't even matter anymore due to the sheer amount of artificially low-ranked pros dominating the entire game because they don't dare to face any opponents matched with when trying something new. This is not what ranked PvP is made for. Ranked PvP exists to test
  3. Just some information on this topic, as it may help either of you: Back in the old days, Phenomic implemented a system that would disallow new logins. There would be an "Account in use!" prompt sent to the other client. Mind that on the old EA server there were quite some "account in use" cases where accounts needed to be manually logged out due to bugs.
  4. This is the correct behaviour for Incubator, and works according to design. As also mentioned in your earlier reports, this is client-sided and has nothing to do with the server or what we are working on right now. We currently are not focusing on card mechanics and behaviour, nor will we be able to for a while. I kindly request that you don't worry about spawning cards and their abilities, as this is related to your game files, not our server and communications.
  5. Yep. As @Ultrakool said, this has to do with the Forge's lack of cooldowns so you can use it as a sandbox. Lost Evocation relies on 2 factors: The demon summoned prevents Lost Evocation from being cast The card has a 30s cooldown The problem occurring is that in the Forge, the cooldown does not exist, and there is a roughly 2-second delay before the demon spawns. This means that during said delay, you'd normally not be able to re-use the card due to its cooldown, but you now can since the demon does not exist yet. This has nothing to do with the server or whatever
  6. I can't give any estimation yet as of prices and such, but I'll be sure to make an announcement thread when we have such an indication.
  7. It's called a soft cap. Say, the first half an hour you get 20BFP, the next half hour you get 19BFP, so you'd get 39 in an hour. Then going to 18BFP the next 30m, 17 half an hour after that, so after 2 hours you'll have 74BFP etc. etc. It means you'll get more BFP the more you play, but the reward per timeslot decreases slowly. This makes sure that infrequent players will not have too much of a drawback from being unable to play a lot, and rewards players for coming back the day after. This way you can play the game the way you want without having to depend on a certain strategy to get enoug
  8. Hey RidenE, Obtaining BFP and cards won't be solely reliant on completing daily quests. The current proposal is that up to 9 quests can stack up so you could complete them all on said weekend or Sunday. Additionally, you will be rewarded for playtime as well, gaining high rewards for playing the game, slowly getting less over time. You can review the reward proposal in detail over here:
  9. If I and/or others are willing to help host and set it up, I would definitely do something along the lines of that.
  10. Yes, this is definitely true. It'll not just be about mass grinding, but also about daily rewards. The exact ratio of that or booster prices are still TBA
  11. If anything I would personally prefer to balance Lord Cyrian out a bit more rather than to exclude him from the promo drops. However, Lord Cyrian is a special case as the only way of obtaining him would be through the promo system, therefore he either needs to drop regularly (which makes little sense), be given out by default, or remain some kind of a niche card in general that is not utterly essential or strong for use in PvP. Lord Cyrian is the only non-seasonal card that solely exists as a promo. Since it's got its own model and looks impressive on its own, I'd rather balance it so that it
  12. That would mean more programming and stuff added to the game. It's an idea, but we might just stick to doing that on the forums instead if we do it and if it's impossible or too much work for our dev team.
  13. Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, and Skyfolks! XLink here coming with another game design update. Now, it has come to our attention that a lot of you have been wondering what your booster odds are in Skylords Reborn. That is to say, what are your chances of getting different rarities of cards? I will provide you with answers to this debate, as an official ratio has been set up. We've had many questions as to what the exact rates are, and so I'll clear things up a bit, and explain why the ratio has changed. The original BattleForge used a system where rare cards and ultra-rare cards are
  14. Please note that this is not a thread to spam your twitch channels. If you want to advertise your channel, make a collective thread or your own.
  15. We have in no way stated we will provide or guarantee any sort of reward for open beta testers post-beta.
  16. Drops and loot lists may be subject to change in the future. We will make sure to convey this whenever deemed appropriate.
  17. You're free to push the hype now that it's offtopic
  18. This is a countdown/spam thread and while you're free to count down to whatever related date, this topic belongs to off-topic and should not increment your post count. Also, please refrain from consecutively posting after yourself all the time.
  19. I'll just make sure this thread doesn't get revived anymore. I did warn you. /closed PS: Please don't make another thread about this. If I see one I'll have to take more permanent action.
  20. Not sure what you're inferring there. My reasoning is quite simple; this is a tense atmosphere and I am noticing what exactly is aggravating people, and therefore I have to keep things in order. I'm speaking for all of you when I ask to keep the discussion at a civilised and understanding level, as you do, and pointing out what is causing trouble and against the rules. There have been rep issues in the past for exactly the same reasons, and that's not how the system is meant to be operated. There's no premature judgement here, just trying to keep the thread at ease. Additionally, regardle
  21. Or maybe he is trying to help out by saying your position won't be any better by creating topics like this. I'm asking all of you to try and be a bit more understanding towards each other. Regardless of the situation, going on about downvoting and justifying it by saying they did the same or worse is not the way to go. If you have a problem with this, refrain from using up- and downvotes in the first place. Stop stirring up arguments, and for your own sake, stop being so aggressively defensive of your own opinion. Last warning until I will have to take measures.
  22. Can we not start turning this into a downvote argument? Also, this is exactly what I mean with accepting criticism. Someone thinks your thread is not the right step to take and doesn't like the way this is going. Your response to it is to downvote them back repeatedly, whereas you can just take the downvote as an indication that some people may not like the way you're approaching this problem and may be trying to tell you something. By downvoting back you're not only acting as what some, including yourself, would consider to be childish, but you're also not really improving your "position"
  23. Greetings, Skylords, Skyladies, Skyfolks! Following our 28-10-17 stream regarding our open beta announcement, we have uploaded our stream to YouTube! If you have missed out on our stream, and want to catch up on all discussed topics and FAQ questions, you can find it here: Open beta release date has been set to January 2018! Now postponed to 3-4 weeks from March 26th 2018 with no set date. Thank you all so much for attending and for the support you've shown and are still showing today. Thanks so much for making the project the success it currently is. Stay awesome, st
  24. Paypal sadly proved to be no longer a valid option. This has to do with some recent changes and the limitations paypal has on their accounts, and terms we currently cannot meet. I fully get that a subscription on Patreon isn't the most efficient or great-feeling thing for many, but Patreon's regulations are way more flexible, to the extent that we decided to use it over paypal. In our stream next week we will further cover why patreon is a thing and why paypal currently isn't. As for patrons, we do want to encourage people to donate, but we still treat the community equally no matter what
  25. @Kaliber84 of course we will keep doing what we already do! We will keep listening and talking to everyone, that was never the intention to set aside. The meeting is meant to be like being together with several devs talking live about SR or whatever, but it does not make said patrons have any more value in their opinions or suggestions. I'm so sorry my reply made you believe otherwise. We are and will always be a development team that listens to its community and their feedback and suggestions, and I try my best to take everyone into account and to make design and development decisions th
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