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  1. Thanks a lot to the skylords reborn team to bring this gem of gaming back to life. Take the time it takes and just ignore those who say this is a scam. See you all in the forge soon.
  2. So there are 68 Ultra rare cards in the game excluding the promos Firedancer, Harvester and Lord Cyrian. Therefore we have to open 348,71 boosters on average to have all 68 Ultra rare cards. If we want all the charges too we have to open 1394,87 boosters on average. So even if we could get 3 boosters a day that would take us 464 days to get a complete collection excluding promos and completly ignoring the auction house. Happy grinding everyone. :-) I personally looking forward to it.
  3. @fiki574 No need to say sorry. Good luck for your exams, take your time and we will all be happy. Even if we have to wait longer. The whole SkylordsReborn Team is doing such a great job, thank you all for bringing this game back. We cannot thank you enough for spending your free time to play this great game again. From time to time when I think about what you guys are doing to bring this back I get a tear in my eye just because I cannot believe it. Sorry for being emotional. The goes on.
  4. I think having 2 currencys is good because bfp is capped per day, gold is not. Or am I mistaken? If you go only with one non-capped currency the 10h per day player would get 10 times more progress than a 1h per day player. The capped BFP per day is balancing this out to that the 10h per day player does not get 10 times more cards than a 1h per day player. Overall I think having 2 currencys is the way to go. Open Beta will tell us if it is good or not.
  5. Really nice job, well done and thanks for that.
  6. Hi Skylords. Is there a list on this forum which map can drop which card upgrade? And I would like to have an excel sheet with all cards listed by name. If there is none I could do one by myself and share it with you. Thanks in advance and I see you in the forge.
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