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  1. Well then i hope you don't blew it.
  2. I am a bit disapointed with your reasons. Let me explain: As i heard of Battleforge Reborn i was excited. Because i thought if this is a huge success in playernumbers EA or another company would take a second look and make a battleforge 2. What you are basicly saying is that the only reason for a reset is that you announced it years before. There are no technical reasons. Please remind yourself: By starting a wipe you are reducing the playerbase even more. There will be less player playing. Why ? On the programming level this project is a huge success, but it fails on the player count. To get many players playing doesn't seem to be a goal for the Battleforge Reborn Project. I am more and more afraid that this project will be a grave stone for this genre. Because any CEO who decides to make a new game and takes a look and have this question in his head: If Battleforge for free can't be success, how can a battleforge 2 for money be one ? And thats just sad. But thx for your effort.
  3. If you do balancing. Do it right. Implement some logging, what cards are in what pvp setup played. And then go and change those cards no one uses, rather than changing the well balanced T1. Buf if i were you guys i would try to get more player playing. Without a bigger playerbase the balancing gets tough. Oh and maybe take a look at business intelligence. Some of this suff might be usefull.
  4. I quit allready cause of the slow progress. If i tell a friend to start with this game, but to play it only 1 hour each day cause quests they dont even start taking a look
  5. I think its fine. Its like destroying one of your wells for that. So for a attack powered by shrine of greed you need to destroy our enemy 2 wells otherwise it doenst pay off. So its a Risk that what shadow is about. Shrine of Memory is weaker, works also for 2 players and only one has to bind 100 energie and no risk. I dont see why it should be broken.
  6. Hans275

    Undead Army

    i remember now the red counter spell. Its a simple mine. I knockes em arround, you can alos use firesworn.
  7. Hans275

    Undead Army

    I played a lot pure shadow in 2v2. I cant remember defeating someone with that spell. For a shadow player it's too expensive. The counter for pure fire is simple. They attack. All Other have a spell. If that spell is so overpowered, why do the most experts tell that in a pure fire vs pure shadow match the fire player most likley wins ?
  8. I play rpve with shadow, shadow, fire and nature. At T2 is Shadow Phoenix (+Embalmers) most effective. Harvster is also good. And i recommend Nether Warp to beam whole armys across lanes and into camps(next to the spawnbuidlings) that speed the things really up. With nether warp you can also use a army of slow units like constructs and still be as fast as the other players. This is really one of the most usefull spells. Resource Booster is full upgraded at your first spott usefull. At T3 i use the bandit harvester(i cant remember the name) his skill kills whole waves of enemies. And makes your Shadowskills still useable. War shrine is one of the most powerfull cards. Use it to help your team. At T4 are riflemen good. Thier Grenades kill entire spots. And remember its a skill so you get 100% back in the void pool. Tornado is also one of the most powerfull rpve spells. also a good option.
  9. Yes i played Wargame Red Dragon the last years. Its also a rts game with deck building and about 1500 different Units. But they have no cards or trading or whatso ever. So you can buy the game and start to play pvp instantly. All units are available. The good thing is: There is a huge longtime motivation cause you build new decks and try stuff.
  10. Hello, first of all i want to thank you and the other guys for bringing battleforge back to life. This ratio sounds nice in the first moment you read it, but it creates deeper and deeper conserns as longer i start thinking about this. You might repreat a mistake that killed battleforge in the first place. If you play PvP you accept to lose by lower skill rather than loosing by a not upgraded deck. My point is it might take ages to get a full upgraded pvp deck. Each pure deck needs a couple rar and ultra rar cards... If it takes for e.g. 6 month of farming PVE to get a playable pvp deck you lose a lot of players. Try to lower the entry for pvp interested player. Greets Hans275
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