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  1. hello 🙂 i have the message that i use the wrong client version... but i updated the newest version yet. is it a known problem? but by the way... your new content upgrade is hammer! 🙂 but let me in again 🙂 hmmm, i am back in game. sry, i think i was not patiened enough... 😞
  2. the new cards are great, but changing the old is also the reason why i lost fun playing the game.
  3. buffing cards that aren´t played is fine... cards that are played i would not have touched. trying to keep as much as possible like in the old times. with new cards the aims could be reached too. but like i said. i am only one player. and its no offense. i am very happy to play this game. 🙂
  4. i am not a big fan of the changes for old existing cards. sometimes it feels for me that there is missing something. for example the shrines and many fire- and shadow-cards... i liked them much more the way they were before. i would be happy if the time would be spend for new content. the new content is very fun to play. a very good job by the team! 🙂 but this is only my opinion. if there are many players who enjoy the game and play it constantly then i am fine and happy too.
  5. sry, i am not happy again because of shrine of memory. 😞 i have a feeling that all colours should be the same more and more... 😞 of course it doesn´t feel well when someone activates shrine of memory faster than you... but there was alwas the chance to acivate for you after the time, when your mate activates it. feels sad that the colours and shrines gets nearly the same more and more. diffrent ways of play get lost more and more. thats harder and harder if you play solo-maps. i hope the diffrent ways of playing colours would not be decimated. no o
  6. i liked the card the way it is. 😞 played it only in the starter deck. starter deck is the perfect difficulty for beginners, and good cards to play with a limted pool. i am not a fan of weakening too many pve cards. i don´t want to learn every card new with every patch. would be more intresting to find out other good cards and ways. i don´t want to find a new way so often in a constantly world that goes more difficult every patch. benefit only for a small group of experts? of course i may be wrong. 🙂
  7. i am back online! thx for this fast help!!! great job with the update team!!!
  8. hello, since the update my account raxaaa is gone. 😞
  9. hello, I am very, very very sad because of the changes. i liked the playstyle with the shild from "shrine of martyrs" much more than getting back voidpower. also the need of a freeze makes more need of cards that are usually in the deck. i like shilding more than freezing.
  10. higher rewards on wins and difficult maps would reward players with lucky boosters. those who were not so lucky gets it even harder. flaming when you join a lobby with lower decklevel... i don´t know. i don´t care. happy that i am not a new player anymore. i would find my way^^
  11. plz buff harvester!!! XD no, but it would be great to see more nature and frost in t1. thatz true
  12. plz don´t remove more maps. I don´t think a 100% balance is possible. Only the cards and the decks will change? I would like it if the good players would create new good maps on paper and the poeple who can do such things will bring them to game. (with nice trees and rivers... XD) perhaps 1 or two maps that are stronger for the other colours?
  13. perhaps for pvp something similar like tome mode. Where noone can use upgrades. complete new meta. but for me this is not important. I am often frustrated because i loose most of the time. But that is the case in every game for me. XD
  14. The game is great! No big changes would have success in my mind. We need more players who enjoy the game the way it is. Players must understand how this non-profit project works. Is it possible to do more publicity for not much money? What can we players do? More precence on platforms? The versality of this game are the cards. It never will work like e-sport with same chances from the beginning. Also it will not work to bye things and bash players with no money before hopping to the next game. Many players nowadays wants to spend not much time and have so
  15. Raxaaa

    only 2 dailys

    i am very sry, i think it was my mistake. They didn´t finish all quests every day. Again, i´m very sry
  16. Raxaaa

    only 2 dailys

    hello. i am wondering why i have only 2 dailys + the 30 minutes quest and my girlfriend and other players have 3 quests every day?
  17. i am 36 and my wife 33. we both will play again.
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