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  1. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by Ultrakool in My Name   
    Is this a reality show?
  2. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by Halis in My Name   
    Kiwi is a fruit https://www.google.com/search?q=KIWI&tbm=isch
  3. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by Kubik in make all the unit accessible   
    I said over 2000 because I am lazy to count it
    but you can count, ops I misinformed you, someone make it count from 1 instead of 0 so I made a mistake by assuming 504 pages of 10 + 2 on last page, here are the correct numbers:
    there is 5032 cards in the game (no idea in how bad/good shape they are, like if they have all the images, values, etc.)
    there is 2988 units
    there is 10924 spels
    there is 986 buildings
    there is 13808 abilities
    and there is 2059 squads
    some units can miss squad definition, some squads can miss card, I just have no idea, but just by looking at these numbers I know for sure that "all" of them will not be playable any time soon, and more probably never.
    and for sure there is a lot of other things we do not even know about.
  4. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by Kubik in New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves   
    opening boosters is optional even now, you can just sell them
  5. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by Wlarskog in Beta progress   
    Just wondering if we will keep the progress we make in the beta when the game realeases offically?
  6. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by valdese in [New card]: Sand dunes   
    Peter please stop it, this is getting out of hand. I'm gonna call your mother if you don't stop this.
    Also power cost is too high and damage is too low :p
  7. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by BurningWorld in servers ....   
    People like you 1 day ago "Give Botox Open Relese now plox" "plis kan't watu for open botox, needi gami toda" "Pls no bugs I not carrying" 
    People like you 1 day later when Open Stresstest has started "CAN'T CONNECTINGERU TO SERVIA, WHY NO LOADI? WHY RELAISE UNFINFISHED GAMU?" 
    Ignore me just some tilted Forum Horse here  
  8. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by Dawson in Important Stream Incoming! (05/09/18 20:30)   
    10$ says open beta date will be there.
  9. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by MrXLink in Important Stream Incoming! (05/09/18 20:30)   
    Greetings, dear Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolks!
    We're excited to announce that the Skylords Reborn Team (represented by InsaneHawk and myself) will host a brand new, official stream in order to reveal some very important and big information for the foreseeable future of the project. We have been making massive amounts of progress in the past few weeks, and it has all been leading up to this moment, which is a major milestone before Open Beta, but more on that Wednesday! (Though we can assure you that a little hype is in order for everyone!)
    We will be hosting an official stream on Wednesday the 5th of September on 20:30 CEST (18:30 UTC)
    on our Twitch Channel, bringing you all some big and important news and updates!
    Thank you all for your patience between our last announcement and this one. The upcoming stream will be one of the most exciting ones for us yet, so feel free to tune in and say hi! Can't make it to the stream? Don't fret! The entire stream will be available on our Twitch Channel's History.
    See you soon, and may the Forge be with you!
  10. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by Zyna in Introducing... Ladadoos and Zyna! Our new Client Developers   
    Thanks to the team for accepting us  You can all look forward to some nice client changes and additions
  11. Macxy123 liked a post in a topic by lokendrak in Introducing... Ladadoos and Zyna! Our new Client Developers   
    welcome @Ladadoos and @John 
  12. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by lokendrak in Introducing... Ladadoos and Zyna! Our new Client Developers   
    welcome @Ladadoos and @John 
  13. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by InsaneHawk in Introducing... Ladadoos and Zyna! Our new Client Developers   
    Hello Skylords
    It has been some crazy weeks for us on the development side, and we're making huge progress everyday, thanks to all our testers! There's sooo much going on right now that we can't tell you about in the current state the things are, but the next official stream we're planning is nearby!
    Also I'm taking a moment to let you know, we have 2 new arrivals in the team! As Client Developers which are @Ladadoos and @Zyna Congratz to both of them!
    They've been really helpful since the past months, that we decided to add them officially in the team, they'll work on everything related to the client. Thanks to them, you'll notice when you'll play the game, QoL (Quality of life) improvements, new features etc..
    Also, some of you may remember "Tokens" that used to be here to buy upgrades in the past, as we said a few times, this system was a pure mess for us, and really not relevant, and there has been discussions about it being removed. So here's a quick preview (WIP) of the modifications we've made alongside Ladadoos and John, and now golds are being used for that matter.

    Thanks everyone, and see you soon in the forge! ♥
  14. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by Kubik in Important Progress Update and Clarification   
    One crappy example for all, would you expect game to search for open lobbies in the middle of running match?
    If no at all you would never figure it out.
    If no in first X hours/days/weeks then you would waste that many time searching elsewhere.
    We know a lot about BF weird behaviors so it took us "only" 3 hours to figure this out.
  15. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by MrXLink in Important Progress Update and Clarification   
    Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolks!
    Throughout the past few weeks we have noticed increasingly negative comments and remarks with regards to Skylords Reborn, its progress and its development time. Accusations of us scamming supporters are made on a daily basis, and while that is simply false in every aspect, we do understand that a lot of you have major concerns and are worried about the project, whether it's still a thing, whether we have run off with Patreon funds, and where we are right now after 3 years of development. Don't worry, though! We live, and as you will soon find out, we are doing well and are going nowhere!
    The thing is, and beta testers know this, that we are actually making a lot of progress to the point where we are busy stress testing the servers with the Closed Beta testing group, improving server stability and creeping closer to Open Beta with every single test. And by the Old Gods, it took a while to get here. A lot of you have an idea of how long a game development cycle can take, and so it is only understandable that 3 years seems like an awful lot just to bring a game back. However, it's a lot more complicated than that due to this being a passion/voluntary project that we don't get paid for, and finding/fixing bugs being way more complex due to us not having made the client code at all. This makes it an unpredictable process in which we can't set deadlines or promise fixed release times. For a more detailed explanation, refer to the quote below from the Open Beta Information thread:
    Rest assured, we are happy to inform you that we don't want to make money from this project (even if we wanted to, it would be illegal), and that your support is not in vain. Supporting the project is also completely voluntary, and we do not give any game rewards to patrons at all. Thanks to every single one of you who has been having faith in this project and supporting us by being a thriving and friendly community, we have managed to come a long way in 3 years, in which we faced managerial issues, legal complications, several server rewrites, and a lot of swapping regarding staff and partnerships. Our team right now is very solid and progressive, though, and we're getting closer and closer to that glorious Open Beta. We are reaching important testing milestones, which is fantastic. For example, @Kubik has evaluated our latest Closed Beta Stress Test, which was held yesterday. He has collected the following results:
    For more details on the stress test results, there will be an update on our Developer Platform soon!
    "What does all this mean?" you may wonder. In essence, it means that we are ironing out some of the last bugs in the current server code (as far as we can see), are getting further in making 12-player maps work properly, and the server is currently able to handle quite some players at the same time. In other words, progress, progress, progress! Keeping this in mind, we would like to give you the following information:
    Something BIG is coming.
    Though we will not be reaching a full open beta state just yet, something large and important will be coming to the Skylords Reborn community in the near future. To present this and to provide you with details on this big development milestone, we will be announcing a new, important official stream very soon, so stay tuned!
    Hopefully this update will clarify things and ease away some of the major concerns you may all be having regarding the project. Be sure to check the forums, discord or other social media for the stream announcements, and for weekly updates about all the progress we are actively making, check our Developer Platform!
    Thank you all again for your undying support and dedication to the project and the game, and we hope to bring all over 21 THOUSAND of you Skylords, Skyladies and Skythings (*GASP*) more great progress and updates in the near future!
  16. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by steezy in Open Beta *Memes* Collection !   
    The following meme could trigger you. Open spoiler at own risk
  17. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by steezy in Open Beta *Memes* Collection !   
    new day new meme
  18. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by likejugg in [Forum Game] Rate the song!   
    10/10, going on my playlist. can't believe I haven't heard it before xD
  19. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by BurningWorld in [Forum Game] Rate the song!   
    11/10 .. srsly I reeeaaaallly enjoyed your song man!  Directly bookmarked
    I chose this one coz i think it fits a little bit to the former sent one of @Graaf_Markus  Hope you'll enjoy it  
  20. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by Fauchderial in Important: Open Beta Status Announcement   
    I'm not disapointed because when server will be done it won't need to be done again so the work will be completed for that part.  
  21. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by MrXLink in Important: Open Beta Status Announcement   
    As @Skhan and others already noticed and pointed out, @fiki574 had made an edit to the first post in this topic with a different estimation. As you all know, Fiki is always hyped and invested in the project and really wants to give you all estimations of when he's done, often not foreseeing possible consequences and further postponing, and especially missing the impact this can cause for all of you Skylords. The edit was made without the team's consent or knowledge in an attempt to clear things up for you all; he meant well, but the way he handled the situation was no less than inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour towards the community. 
    We deeply apologise for the conflict and confusion this has caused, and it has turned us to more strongly abide by the statements we made in the first post of this topic. We are no longer providing you with release dates. We truly are of mind that it upsets and overhypes more community members to an unhealthy extent, than it is actually helpful and supportive towards the community. While I admire your loyalty and steadfastness (I have seen absolutely no community with this much dedication), it is absolutely unfair to have to keep disappointing you, making promises the programmers can't adhere to, and getting you all ready and excited for something that might not even come at said date. 
    I would like to reassure you all, Skylords, that we will never sneak edit something into an announcement to change something important or groundbreaking. We have taken measures to prevent this incident in the possible future, and we will always keep you updated on any definitive information on progression and release estimations as soon as we know it. There will be no estimated dates on the forums or on the devplatform unless we are utterly and absolutely sure we will be able to adhere by these dates, for example if everything runs well and is basically ready for testing, but there are still some tiny, not completely intrusive bugs we need to iron out.
    Once again, we deeply apologise for what happened here, and we have dealt with the situation.
    Please do not fret about the lack of release dates; we promise that Open Beta is well underway and we are working as hard and fast as we can to bring it to you as soon as possible. Our beta testers can confirm that we're actually progressing, and we will keep progressing for you all!

    Apologies, sincerely, and on behalf of the SR Team,
    MrXLink, Community Manager
  22. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by InsaneHawk in Introducing... Kubik, our new developer!   
    Hello Skylords!

    Just a quick announcement to let you know that we have a new developer in our team! Welcome @Kubik in the project!
    He proved himself during our tests and discussions, and he's clearly a good developer, we are really happy and amazed about that! So, he'll work on the server with the rest of our team!

    Congratz! And once again, welcome here skylord!
  23. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by MrXLink in Open Beta *Memes* Collection !   
    Based on everyday experiences

  24. lokendrak liked a post in a topic by Yarrker in Important: Open Beta Status Announcement   
    It was the right decision and i am happy it has been made despite the previously set release-date.
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