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  1. It's a bit tricky because for some factions there are very strong baseline C and UC cards. Yet for others there are key Rs and URs that can really elevate a deck. The economical ramifications also have to be kept in mind. Cards that are given out for free will drop in value. Even if you made them account-bound. Now, Cs and UCs aren't as affected because they hover around the baseline established by reforging. Different story for Rs though.
  2. @RNG Golvigstein You can find the document about advanced filtering here.
  3. Juice Tank is a fail safe. You invest energy early that will make it less likely you lose later down the line after you already invested more time into a map. You don't need it if you routinely beat the map anyway. But if you aren't sure about a map or deck you can build it to make sure you don't get into a situation where you are 30 minutes in and start to run on fumes because you lack energy. Mathematically inferior under more optimized gameplay conditions. A safety net when you (have to) play the marathon and don't want to gas out. Or if you dedicate yourself to a low-econ ro
  4. Altar of Chaos to feed bombs to LSS G and provide the best heal in the game.
  5. Multiverses are a gimmicky, convoluted mess and diminish stakes. At least they require a lot of care to pull of narratively. Personally, I'd like to see more civil war maps in the theme of Titans.
  6. Yes, we have. It's not possible with the current level of access to the code.
  7. Civil War expansion when? After Brannoc, Viridya and other major figures die there is a huge power vacuum and general disarray in the forge. It's become once again evident that nothing is untouchable and even primordial beings can be overthrown. That leads to several Skylords struggling for supremacy, with many of them going rogue. Breaking parts of the forge off and using it to erect kingdoms all over the land. The Skylords that remain in the forge are left to pick up the pieces and have to extinguish the flames of revolution and anarchy which ravage the land. Under these circumstan
  8. The nerf to gold gain for finishing cPvE maps quickly was a stopgap measure to prevent BH/Guns grinding and needed to happen sooner rather than later because not only did it flood the game with a lot of gold but it also made people mindlessly gold-farm for hours, not actually playing the game. This would've been exacerbated by reforging. An interaction with its own string of consequences. Right now it is a necessary but longer-than-intended bandaid solution. Ideally, we would have a proper system in place already but unfortunately it's hamstrung by a lack of developers to implement it.
  9. They have incredible damage output but if you rely on them, Incredible Mo is important to prevent them from being disabled when facing Lost Dragons. However, to fully utilize them you need lots of healing to sustain their Leech Guns. Healing Gardens and generic nature sustain takes care of that.
  10. Nature is in an unique situation because with Enlightenment it can bring out its apex cards without actually having to commit to the color restrictions those ought to force. So it has to have a peak card to make it worthwhile to commit to this restriction but at the same time it shouldn't make sense for the card to be Enlightened. Something that you can only fully utilize when actually committing to pure Nature. Past flavor, all the pure factions need reasons to actually build 4 orbs of the same color. For Nature, because of Enlightenment you only need 2 to enjoy the most alluring benefit
  11. Your initial claim was that Wheels force you to play city builder. Which isn't really the case because pumping them out immediately doesn't offer a worthwhile benefit. If anything, it's okay to build them over time. The point is that right now Wheels aren't so extremely powerful that you have to use them right away. If they were much better it'd be fair to say "Wheels are so strong, I'm forced to rush them". But they aren't and they won't be because they are not getting buffed. They are like Shamans or Juice Tank. The laid back way to contribute and invest into something that will need to
  12. You can do the same when previewing booster content from the store and summon the cards directly into the forge. Enjoy!
  13. The bug was fixed during the original run of the game. You could only stack wheel buffs by activating them at the same time, doing as many as you could/wanted. After that, no other instance of the buff could be added because the icon got grayed out. It specifically had a condition implemented that prevented further activations. If stacking was intended, it would've been easy to instead make it so you can add another instance of the buff at any time and have them stack up. They originally probably thought that the condition that prevents additional activations is enough to prevent s
  14. That's irrelevant here because there is no payout for skill. Not right now and not with your proposals. But there is for just sinking time in. And at this point you also have to consider that you create extra incentive for afk-farming by rewarding playtime even more. If you want to prevent that you'll instead have to dabble in potentially convoluted restrictions, further complicating what should be an intuitive, very general progression system. Additionally, the BFP boost, daily discount and quests are not the only ways to make progress. There are also achievements, offering mileston
  15. Giving no huge advantage to disproportionate time investment was one of the big considerations when creating the current system. A repeatable discount would directly translate to an additional 100 BFP value generated every 45 minutes. At the same time the current lay of the land in gaming is that there are countless games all demanding the players attention and time. There is constant pressure to continue engaging because otherwise you miss out on rewards. That's exhausting and I don't feel like territory this project should wade into deeper. It's really tricky to solve.
  16. I'd settle for some specifics - any specifics - at all. Just like the first topic about cPvE being supposedly much harder than before there is just a statement thrown into the room, leaving it to everyone else to make something of it. @MustardSkaven Did you attempt some exploit that doesn't work anymore? Which one? Did you use a card that got reworked? Which one? Did you merely hear something from someone? What was it? Over in your other topic you could've still posted a follow up to "Can you give a concrete example?" but instead you made this. It doesn't appear like there i
  17. He is saying that he feels like maps are harder.
  18. This is moving slightly off-topic here. But a couple things. These in-the-moment numbers aren't all that meaningful. Literally checked them this very moment and got C 1003, UC 1057, R 1087, UR 350. Check them again in a few days and they might be drastically different once more. One of the effects that Reforging has is more evenly distributing the value contained within a booster. Before you had pretty much guaranteed 6 cards that weren't even worth putting into the AH because it was over-saturated. Utterly worthless filler cards that just sat there rotting in the inventory. The last
  19. Noticeable that all the cards you mention are Ultra Rare cards. One of the initial goals of Reforging was to deflate the prices for sought after URs. While the system succeeded in addressing most of the issues it was supposed to, unfortunately it failed to lower the top end prices (excluding promos) permanently. Which is a problem that we are having our eyes on.
  20. 12p maps sometimes need a bit of time to fill. So with such a feature there should definitely also be a way for the host to easily flag themselves as not afk. Like a pop-up box to click or a system message prompting them to type something in chat.
  21. Exactly. Which is why the vast majority of changes that have happened up to this point and will continue to happen, including these planned tower changes, are buffs. Some nerfs are unavoidable if the overall powerlevel is supposed to become more stable. You can't take the strongest cards in the game as a baseline or otherwise you would end up with insane powercreep. And if you just leave them they will maintain their position as the gold standard that nothing else can touch, so the conversation would always be "Yeah, well Y is alright now, I guess. But it ain't X." A certain power di
  22. As a big fan of the impenetrable T2 defense that is Razorshard G, Crystal Fiend B, Stone Tempest, Defenders and Healing Well I just let the onslaught hopelessly shatters against literal stone, including the Twilight Dragon.
  23. The proposal to adjust every map around Necroblaster is completely unfeasible. It is the single best tower and a nerf won't make it unusable. Currently it has a condition tied into its power that does pretty much nothing because once fueled it won't run out again in the vast majority of cases. It's true that most defensive building set-ups currently require way too much attention and don't do a good job at actually locking down areas. And in a way the goal of building a defensive set-up is to just not having to care for that area any longer. But Necroblaster is way too good at it for what
  24. No mention of Deck-Folders to organize your own decks and increasing the 100-cap? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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