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  1. Lipto

    idea to build good game !

    i think for the game progress , need to seperate pvp and pve or change money system for have both ! and i suggest for pvp upgrade the card number of deck to 30 because is a potential game restricted with only 20 card for PVP
  2. i have slightly modified , i have remove incredible mo because batariel don't affect to intimidation or paralysed when use disenchant, and remove ray of light and shrine of memory because if build one shrine of war is good i add shrine of war, suppression and life weaving
  3. hello , i use frenetic assault green on a building , it's very good to have both because the time recast is too long . and for the construct deck is very good to play with overlord because , overlord is supported by construct and it's a good combo . i think all of my deck dont have more one unit per tier except t4 , and t1 frost , if you want have fast energy you need ressource booster maxi after t3 is conseilled t2 . sorry for my bad english im french. have a nice day
  4. hi guys , i build a deck for you , you demand frost strat , and shadow , shadow , nature
  5. Hi everyone , actually my favorite deck in rpve 9 lane 2 or 3 ! let's play
  6. I try with Battleship too , but i dislike for not healing
  7. Lipto


  8. Lipto


    same here
  9. Hi Flrbb , it's a good question, it's a 4-player game, but it's just that we lose a little time killing the bandit ship and doombringer , but just try this deck is very strong ! and try only with construct promo
  10. Hello there , i want to partage my deck in random pve difficulty 9
  11. hello everybody , i cant play random players versus environement for 4 players , i create a lobby , choose position 4 , end ready , end when other players have join , i start but it's bugged and plant thanks for regards

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