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  1. Sadge, but sadly it's difficult to find people with skills in such a small community, probably would need to have some marketing thingy but who knows.
  2. Pog said, good job on your work, it's amazing! (And yes, Ik it's an iteration) Though Mindweaver confuses me, why nerf the only reason that people would pick it for in the first place? I, as a Pure nature player, would probably never take it instead of Living Tower, and now probably even less so. Would it be okay to ask why this nerf is being considered? (I read the deep dive but i probably forgot if this specifically was discussed, sorry if it's in there and I'm just being dumb)
  3. Nice patch as usual, thank you for all the effort you put into the game 😄 Also smaller tunnels would actually be kind of nice, not gonna lie 😄
  4. Hype! Good job bringing this game to life, much love ❤️
  5. also I do feel like the dragon's "feet" are a little weird looking
  6. Nice update boys, as my name idea, I know it's supposed to be just one but they are pretty much similar so just pick whatever sounds cooler or more lore friendly, idk: Skypurge Reaver or Skyreave Purifier PS: I like naming things after their abilities which might make a problem for changes in the future so another suggestion with that in mind: Wasteland Reaver
  7. Pog The card artwork feels nice, it seems to fit the lore, although the skyelves look a little odd but that's just my opinion
  8. Nice We appreciate all the work you're doing for this game, keep it up! 😛
  9. Great update! I did the survey so most of my thoughts should be in that but yeah, if you do make New Maps and Cards, please make sure they're lore-accurate (or the new lore for them makes sense from the world perspective)
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