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  1. Achievements on the Test Server In the last weeks I have logged into the test server a couple of times and it was always empty. This leads me to the conclusion that the number of players to test your iterations on the test server might not be high enough. Maybe that is because playing on the test server does not do anything for your account on the live server. Since this is also a community driven project why not reward players for helping in the development process. I know that the live server and the test server are two seperate instances. So maybe you could run a routine that chec
  2. Nice tool, I know things like that take time and energy, so the following is feedback and not meant in any negative way at all: Does the code run in a python environment natively or are there some dependencies? If so you might want to add a requirements.txt Also people probably do not want to install python on their computer just to run the program. A solution for that would be to create a html file for the gui and do power calculation and other functionality in javascript. This way everyone could just open the html file in their browser. Or you host a webserver and people could
  3. I agree with you that this reduces the aspect of a trading card game. But I think a major issue at the moment where a solution needed to be found, is the low number of active PvP players. I personally love the pvp expierience but if you have to wait a long time to find opponents it takes a lot of fun out of the game. In the EA Version of this game, it was really hard in the beginning to get into PvP because of the use differences in deck levels because even if you were better than your opponent you might have lost the match because your deck level was lower than his. Imho this feature make
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