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Greetings fellow Skyfolk,

Now that the Community Decks Database has reached a passable state with the most recent updates, I wanted to create a separate post specifically for this feature.


You can find the Community Decks Database here:


It is currently possible to:

  • Look up decks other users created (filter for different settings, like map and orbs order)
  • Copy the deck code and import the deck directly ingame with the command " /importdeck [code] "
  • Vote on decks that you liked or disliked (make it easier for new players to find enjoyable decks)
  • See if the creator is a veteran or if veterans liked the deck
  • Create your own decks directly on the website or import it from the code you got when using the " /exportdeck " command ingame
  • Share your decks and set specific maps and other options that apply for the deck (even featured community maps can be selected)
  • Set the complexity of the deck to show if they are beginner friendly or for veterans only, as well as other additional tags
  • NEW: Add a short description of up to 500 characters (some characters are not allowed, to prevent abuse)
  • Add a forum link to a post to explain in detail how the deck works, what to note when using the deck, or which cards can be swapped for others
  • NEW: Edit your deck, change the maps it is intended for or update the tags
  • Verify your account with your ingame name to show who created the decks
  • Request to become a veteran player
  • NEW: Veteran players are able to flag decks for inappropriate descriptions, this will cause the deck to not be able to be updated or deleted anymore until the issue has been reviewed and resolved with appropriate actions


Veteran Players are able to take some actions to flag a deck, the actions include:

  • Flag a deck as "Outdated", for example when it's no longer playable due to orb requirement changes to the used cards.
    ("Outdated" tag is displayed if at least 3 veterans flagged the deck as such.)
  • Remove the "Updated" tag from decks that were edited, if the deck still fits the rating, to prevent abusing the editing feature.
    ("Updated" tag is removed if at least 3 veterans flagged the tag for removal.)
  • NEW: Flag a deck for "Inappropriate Description", this includes everything that is also not allowed on the forum. Once flagged this way, you are not able to remove your flag and the description will not be displayed for non-veterans anymore.
    ("Inappropriate Description" tag is added if at least 1 veteran flagged the deck as such.)


Please note:

  • If you want to vote on decks or create and share your own decks, you will need to login with your discord account
  • If you want to have your ingame name displayed for the decks you created, you can verify your account and your ingame name will be added
  • If you want to become a veteran, the community and other veterans will need to agree, after which you will be added as a veteran


IMPORTANT: Deck descriptions have been a feature that has repeatedly been requested by multiple people, so please behave in what you write in the free text area or the feature will have to be rethought/removed again, if it is being abused too much. I am relying on your best behavior with this. 🙂


You could also use this topic to reply with a comment to provide additional information for your deck, like YouTube links to videos that show your deck in action and don't want to create a separate topic just for your deck, to then add the link to your comment to the deck when adding it to the database. 🙂


I hope you like it and I would like to hear your opinion and receive feedback, as it is still work in progress and there is room for improvements. 🙂

Thanks and enjoy 😉




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Hey yo,

As your local nature Skylord, and with the Mana Wing achievement in mind, I have uploaded many of my pure nature cPvE decks. Also, some pure colour rPVE decks as a baseline how such decks should look like.

If some other veterans heavily disagree on something, I would love to hear some feedback. In general, it would be good if some veterans would register and start voting on stuff, so we get a baseline of decks that beginners may use.

Sidenote: Downvoting the Invincible Deck is frowned upon! It's the best deck ever created.

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