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BFP #2 - Bounty for Pro's - Titans Pure Nature Solo - CLAIMED by theTED

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A long time ago, I tried to do all maps with Pure Nature solo, yet I failed on doing Titans properly.

* Full solo, no other player joining for orbs/wells
* Pure Nature, no Amii Monument or other neutrals allowed
* Expert difficulty
* No blocking of Jorne or Rogan
* No long-term healing of Rogan - if you help him a little it's alright, but not minutes of Jorne bashing at Rogan while Shamans heal him
* Must be repeatable - e.g. do not profit from a rare occurrence
* No bug-using 😉
* Of course: win the map 😉

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to refuse an entry if anything goes against the spirit of the challenge - like, if I forgot to add a rule or condition. It's win a normal the map with pure nature - I will not allow for any rule-lawyering. Also, if some heavy bug-use or exploit is involved, I may refuse the entry - I want to see a gameplay solution, not a shady trick 😃

Also, by entering the Bounty, you accept that your entry (replay) will be made public.

REWARD: 10.000 BFP   The bounty has been completed by @theTED.

If I get inpatient, I may add more BFP to the bounty, but I think for someone who is an excellent player, it's worth investing an hour or two to see if they can do it.

Good luck to all the Bounty Hunters!

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  • Kapo changed the title to BFP #2 - Bounty for Pro's - Titans Pure Nature Solo - CLAIMED by theTED
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This one went down fast - @theTED claimed the bounty with a wonderful run, where no blocking, Rogan-healing or other shenanigans were used. Just some dances around the buttons to free the civilians 😉




Thanks for everyone who showed interest, and congratulations to @theTED!


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