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Prison of Tears - A 1PvE Community Map


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Hello! I noticed there was a section for uploading some community custom maps here on the forums, so I thought I'd put my latest map here!

Prison of Tears

A 1 Player PvE Community Map set in the home world of the Lost Souls. This map is also a sequel to another map I've made called "City of Tears".

The Twilight Curse has not been fully eliminated yet, and Rogan Kayle seeks out the key to eliminating them for good. He believes it is in the home world of the Lost Souls itself. As you venture onward with Rogan, you wander into a strange and eerie prison with Lyrish soldiers trapped inside. Work with Rogan Kayle to free the soldiers and overcome the prisons mysterious challenges.

Free the Prisoners

Work with Rogan to free the prisoners from the clutches of the Lost Souls.


Escort them to the Portal

Once freeing them, you must keep them safe until you are able to escort them safely to the exit portal to their freedom.prison1.png.606b14eb8a4e686a975a4cf29b0e1b51.png

Watch out for the Warden

As you roam the prison, be aware of the Warden and do your best to avoid him until you are powerful enough to take him down.


This is my first map I've ever made a post about and I thought it'd be cool to share it with the community! If you guys want to give it a try, its uploaded in the community maps section in the game! I'd attach it here, but it looks like it exceeded the file size. I plan to make more maps in the future, so if you guys can share some of your thoughts and even suggestions to make it better, I would really appreciate it! When looking it up, it's called "Prison of Tears".


I hope you guys enjoy it 🙂 and feel free to check out some of my other maps I've made like the prequel to this one, "City of Tears". They're all on the Community Tab! (If I can find a way to attach them here, I will).

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