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Hello everyone,

Well we have the new patch and a lot of new changes and that means to speedrun now is hard and you cant make anymore bad harvest for 3 min for example.

then how about to raise a bit the exp and gold rewards anyway no one can beat the maps so fast and in the old days the exp and gold was rewarded for far a lot then nowdays.

again I dont have nothing against your work I really love that the game is back but just think about it. or to make for 1 month for 1 week 2X boost for the players for exmple.


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XP is nothing but a vanity stat. All you need is Lv. 5 to buy U3s for cards and after that it's just a different icon next to your name. XP grinding is irrelevant for anyone starting out because you have to build up your collection and familiarize yourself with the game, that even goes for returning veterans that haven't touched the game in a long time. By the time anyone is done laying the groundworks, they are already Lv. 5. At which point XP and levels are nothing more than cosmetics.

As for gold, the plan is to overhaul gold rewards entirely but it's not going to happen without devs.

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