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Translator - French


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Translator - French

Skylords Reborn is playable in four languages; English, French, German, and Russian. With newly added content, or changes to current cards, maps and other features, we often rely on volunteers to provide translations for non-English languages, as well as high-skilled English speakers.

You will get access to a special discord server where translations are requested. Multiple translators ensure we don't lose valuable time on translations and can improve our patch releases. Preferably, you are able to provide translations within a few days after the request.

Provide French translations
Be consistent with current Skylords Reborn vocabulary
 Point out and provide fixes for grammar or spelling mistakes/inconsistencies

Required traits
Fluent in English
Fluent in French

How to contribute

Please reply to this topic if you are interested in helping out with translations. We will contact you once we have work available.


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2 hours ago, TheMightyPluck said:


I am a french speaker from Belgium, and I wish to help with translations and spelling/grammar issues. 
I have a very good level of french, considered by my friends as a "grammar nazi". 

Hi TheMightyPluck,

please join the translations discord https://discord.gg/WMqvMVYgCH and send a message there, so you can be assigned a trial role.  :)

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