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Game Earnings xp/gold

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Hello Guys, as every original BF Player knows, back in the days maps like ptd gave a lot of gold and xp to farm quick. My suggestion literally is to overthink the loot of expert campaign maps since even speedrunning a lot of them isn't worth the gold or xp next to Rpve. Im not quite sure why the campaign maps have been nerfed in loot ( like ptd) probably to make the players play rpve for gold/xp? But anyways most players have farmed xp and gold throughout bad harvest or Guns of lyr speedruns in the first 1-2 months of the game release but no one is doing it anymore therefore every new player has to literally bust their asses off to gain any form of progress.  Not sure if thats something you guys want in the first place but as a new player that hasnt got the time to play hundreds of games and enjoys the campaign maps the most, i wanted to ask if its realistic that the devs might maybe consider changing the loot? If not, thats unfortunate because campaign maps lose their purpose after playing them a few times and having them give little rewards makes it uninteresting to replay too. 

with best regards

- TheMan 


Oh damn i forgot to add something. a higher chance of rare/ultra rare card upgrade drops would maybe also help. I did behind enemy lines on exp 8-9 times yesterday to gain parasite swarm t3 upgrade but it only gave me useless stuff, honestly in the same time i could have easily farmed the gold in rpve therefore even the card upgrade rewards of the maps are useless next to rpve spamming. 

Greetings 😄 


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Hey TheMan,

I can not help you with your first point, that is up to the game designers, but I might be able to share some information about your second point about card upgrade drops.

Every card upgrade, regardless of rarity of the real card, has the same drop rate. Behind Enemy Lines has 21 different card upgrades which can drop on expert difficulty. All with equal chance 😄 


Here is a list of all upgrades in case you need them: https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Card_Upgrade_Drop_Locations

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The nerf to gold gain for finishing cPvE maps quickly was a stopgap measure to prevent BH/Guns grinding and needed to happen sooner rather than later because not only did it flood the game with a lot of gold but it also made people mindlessly gold-farm for hours, not actually playing the game. This would've been exacerbated by reforging. An interaction with its own string of consequences.

Right now it is a necessary but longer-than-intended bandaid solution. Ideally, we would have a proper system in place already but unfortunately it's hamstrung by a lack of developers to implement it.

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As Cocofang mentioned already, the nerf to campaign-gold-farming was necessary, but also not intended to be the final solution. We actually have a gold-rework mostly worked out, but don't have developers available to implement it. 

While the gold-rework itself is not mentioned, take a look here to see some other stuff that are on the to-do list, bad sadly without people to actually do them: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/9152-community-update-25-july-2022/


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