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Knocking sound when receiving group invitation

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That knocking sound when someone invites you to his group is missing. I reinstalled the game but that didnt help.

I know it sounds like a minor bug but for me this is a pretty serious bug because im not always at my PC and now i cant hear it anymore when a friend invites me to his group.


Edit: Apparently this isnt a new bug i just havent played much with my friends in the last months thats why i hadnt noticed it until now.

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Another 4 days later and still no answer this is not ok.

I know you are probably very busy but you guys could at least tell me if you are aware of this problem and if its being worked on or if i can somehow fix it myself.

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We are aware of this bug, its not something you can fix yourself, and its not something that is actively being worked on at this moment. 

I assume you are aware we are all volunteers, and some of us only work on the project in the weekend. We try to reply to most questions. Saying it's ''not okay'' if you dont get a response within 4 days and reminding us of your issue every 4 days is not going to increase the speed we handle the bug, or the motivation to do so. And while the bug is annoying, its not gamebreaking or demanding of a fix in such a short amount of time. 

Thanks for your bug report, but just be patient. 

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