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Bandit Launcher - Upcoming Changes

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As part of our upcoming tower rebalance, Bandit Launcher will be receiving the following proposed changes. Please note that all changes proposed here are provisional and as such as subject to change:

Iteration 1
1. Flame Arrow splash radius: 5m --> 8m 
2. Life points: 1270 / 1320/ 1400 / 1500 --> 570 / 620/ 740 / 800
3. Add Accelerated Construction - Construction time is reduced by 50%.
4. Firebug:
   (a) Radius: 20m --> 25m
   (b) Power cost: 35 / 30 / 25 / 20 --> 40 / 35 / 30 / 25 Energy
   (c) Infused Firebug damage: 400, up to 1200 in total --> 600, up to 1800 in total
   (d) Tainted Firebug damage: 600, up to 1800 in total --> 800, up to 2400 in total

Iteration 1 Goals
Bandit Launcher has decent stats for its power cost and model size. The issue is that it directly competes with Rioter’s Retreat which synergizes better with other Bandits cards. As such, we have decided to move Bandit Launcher in a different direction, oriented around fast construction and its suicidal “Firebug” ability. This will hopefully give Bandit Launcher a unique identity as a tower which can be quickly deployed in the field, including offensively.

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will enemy unit collision for initial placement be removed? i just dont see it being useful as a trap building if it is outranged by ranged units and you cant reliably build it once the enemy force has already move into your space. 

it is a neat idea but really this structure will be competing with mine for offensive use and for only 10 more power mine will do way more damage without binding any power or being easily outranged despite having much smaller aoe since the enemies wont stop to target.

I would suggest provide a delay after death for the explosion so pvp people can have a chance to move their units out but at the same time increase the explosion range so it is actually useful in pve. especially considering it will have only 267 ehp for 10 seconds when youre supposed to be constructing it in combat close enough to hit ranged units. 

The only use case i can imagine for this as proposed would be some area where you want a bunch of sacrificial structures and plan to fight mostly melee so basically like crusade, these towers could outclass morclay assuming they get adequate damage from their arrows but outclassing trap buildings when trap buildings are currently D tier isnt exactly a badge of honor. 

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