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Input seperate fail states dialogues for each map on Ascension

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There needs to be different fail state notifications (end of game) on Ascension in order to distinguish which Map had problems. There are too many times where I have lost in Ascension and no one knows which map has failed to do their job (Often M1 and M2).

That or no one from their Map will admit that it was their fault which leads to the blame game resulting in a toxic tirade.  I do believe that the map Ascension is/has one of the most toxic lobbies seeing how:

1. Newer players do not like to adjust their decks and/or cannot afford the right material/cards which may not fit the map's needs.

2. Older players will scruntinize newer players if they do not have the specific cards to complete the map (E.g. MOTK, Mana wing, Lightblade and so forth)

3. Continous losses leads to distaste resulting in long lobby times and more often than not brings out toxicity in terms of "complete the map with my exact strategy with these cards or be kicked because I don't want to waste another 20/30mins".

My Reasoning:

And this is the thing, I want there to be more transparency, I want to help newer less experienced people on that specific map however, half of the time I do not know which map has failed. Usually when there is a map failure I would ask which map had lost but most older players would ignore and leave due to their own pride and asking newer players doesn't help because they wouldn't know how they lost in the first place.


The fail states could be as simple as:

1. "The Skylords could not protect jorne!"

2. "The Skylords could not stop viriyda!"

3. "The Skylords could not kill the Guardians!"


Ascension is my all time favourite map on BF because of the very little intricacies is what makes it interesting, things like 'The faster that the avengers are killed, the quicker viridya appears' or 'not taking any power wells will not attract any Energy Parasites' or even the simplest of things such as 'healing jorne with shamans'. I do really believe that there is a lot more to be explored, and that the understanding of the map is neglected at times. My ultimate goal is to teach or at least improve the game state to the point where the majority of players would think that Ascension is just as easy as PTD.






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