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Reset booster discount only if booster has been bought

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what Im talking about here is the 100BFP booster discount you get after playing 45min each day.

As a sometimes casual player I think it would be really cool if the progress on this only gets reset once you actually buy a booster with it. Reason being that sometimes you might only want to play one map and log off again. Now youve played for 33 min and got 12min left to play in order to make a profit of at least 50BFP. However you might not want to play anymore and you find yourself in the predicament of either forcing yourself to play 12 more min, or losing out on BFP. Especially for more casual players I feel like the loss in BFP hurts most.

So, suggestion: Instead of resetting the 45min timer every day, only reset it if a booster has been bought with it the day before.

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This is in fact priority #8, according to the last list I sent the devs 🙂

But there is a shortage of people who can implement changes like this, so feel free to encourage anyone with coding knowledge to apply! 


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