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Slave Master: First killed Slave ends Mission

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NAME: Script on Slave Master doesnt count Slaves correctly

DESCRIPTION: When doing the Solo Challenge for the contest, I'm always late so the Twilight creeps near the slaves. Not just now, many times before I found that the mission ends very abruptly with the "All Slaves have died!"-Message - and I was always thinking "what what, just a moment ago it looked allright? This time I had the camera pointed the right way: The Twilight Dragon cracks the first Cage open, kills the first Slave and the Mission ends with the message mentioned above - but the other cages are still alive and well.

REPRODUCIBILITY: I guess always.

SCREENSHOT/VIDEO/LOG:  Overwrote the replay 😞

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: A simple dirty fix would be that you just change the message from "All Slaves have died!" to "The Twilight reached the Slaves!" or something. The other option would be to check how the scripts counts the living slaves, maybe it doesnt find the units while they are still in the cages I guess.

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I think the goal is the entire crew must survive. Nevertheless I would suggest something like for the Defenders in The Soultree. There it says something along the lines "... too many have died". Thus it automatically fits on all difficulties and in case of amount changes.

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