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RPVE DECK-KIT Pure Bandit w/o much Bandits - Showcase Bloodhealing

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UPDATED to match 1y-patch from 18.12.21

Hey all,

since we have many requests here, but few decks are shown pro-actively, I would like to show some of my RPVE decks (deck kits) over the next few weeks.

Each of the decks will be limited by a "theme", they will prolly not all be end-to-end meta approaches - especially since they are relatively simple to get to the point in the BG: Bata = Meta
And the rest will run behind. But since I'm a little bored with the Batariel right now - let's take a look at what other fine decks for rpve are out there. This first will touch the meta hard anyways πŸ˜„

Theme/Scope: In any row :fireorb::fireorb::shadoworb::shadoworb:, as much meta as possible and as independently as possible from other players help/heals.

Playstyle: Micro > Macro

Budget: most expensive

Addresses to advanced/expert players

Core Deck:Β 

- Unity (B) and Bloodhealing give the needed sustain

- Heavy spell dependent - the :shadoworb::shadoworb: meta makes dmg, distracts enemy via Frenetic, Infect gives dmg and meatshield, theΒ :fireorb::fireorb: dmg spells clean up most of the units

- heavy voidmanipulation via Shrine of War or Cultist Master/Furnace of Flesh enables you to perma use of your spells and abilities

- strong T4 options unit wise, with mass Bloodhorns as main carry

- T3 is carried by :shadoworb::shadoworb: spells and can handle ANY situation

- T1/T2 is very flexible and can be designed according to taste

T1 - Either :shadoworb: or :fireorb:

Fire: Nomad (G), Mine, Eruption (possible BG10 addons are Blaster Cannon, Suppression or Sunstriders if needed)
Shadow: Forsaken, Soul Splicer (G), Motivate (possible BG10 addon is a good mate supporting your t1 with fire :P)

T2 - in any case :shadoworb:

No matter what your t1 has been, your want a shadow orb as your second. If you started fire you want now to move asap to your double shadow, if you started shadow you want to raise your Boosters NOW πŸ™‚Β  Isn't shadow T1 better then? Perhaps sometimes but not in general. Every start has its own pros and cons, the pros of a fire start is that it is lean, fast, self healing, team-friendly and due to its spells strong and flexible. I often prefer to run into a BG9 T3 camp with 3 nomads and my fire spells rather then having a few Forsaken and almost no support.

Cool-kids-t2-stuff is
- Best-in-Slot solution is probably Shadow Phoenix/Embalmers Shrine (almost mandatory for BG10)
- Gladiatrix (Gladis shine only really with Green Support, but mass Gladis with good positioning can do the job, more an advanced players solution I assume)

- Windhunter is the T2 alternative to Gladiatrix now (Bithday Patch) and outshines Gladiatrix in stats
- Firestalkers (nice siege, cheap throw-away t2)
- Harvester or Shadow Mages can be pure Shadow options if that suits, Undead Army can scale quite ok'ish with Bloodhealing into T4)
- Skyfire Drake is not big carrier, but can do an insane job on some maps

- Bandit Minefield is okish, but usually not worth the slot in this meta approach. If you come from Fire T1 to Shadow T2 you already bring your mine and if you start Double Shadow ... you get it πŸ˜„

- Undead Army shines with Blood Healing and is almost a must-pick for harder situations. This combo is way more flexible as the Grim Bahir option that I posted in the first run

Be aware that map depending :fireorb::shadoworb: is one of the weakest (not weak, only in relation) options aviable but usually not much of a problem.

T3 - you want to have :shadoworb::shadoworb::fireorb: now - time to shine!

At the T3 stage Void Manipulation and your :shadoworb::shadoworb:-spells kick in the door! Though some nice T3 units are aviable the only options for this deck are imo Cultist Master (if you prefer Culstist/FoF over SoW) and Fallen Skyelf (as boss-killer support in T4).
T4 Camps can be taken out with Nomads/Forsaken and spells and so can be handled a possible close camp.

As far not mentioned interesting T3 cards are:
- Incredible Mo (not really needed here but always nice to have one)

- Soulshatter (if there is a possibility to take it, do so! You want to have as much dmg-spells as possible)
- Amii Monument (only for solo, but there very handy)

Last word on t3: No, I did not oversee Sandstorm - not worth a slot πŸ™‚

T4 - finally :shadoworb::shadoworb::fireorb::fireorb:

Carrier is the Bloodhorn (BH) - fast, strong dmg, heals nice via stampeding buildings. Get out 2 and play more as soon it is possible, if you play a second unit get it in the mix after the second BH. Always let 250+ energy left to have spell energy.
Before engaging a camp bind your units together with a Unity (b)
First spell when engaging is either Frenetic or Cluster (Amok can do the job too), the other second, asap Infect then further according to the remaining priorities. I like to use Bloodhealing on Undead Army skelletons or Grim Bahir crawlers - that a reason for the Grim Bahir for me, though ofc this is not mandatory.
Bloodhealing does a nice job too on a BH with Unity running, it does not loose much HP.
Earthshaker is a nice skill, but does not perform as stong as we know it in this deck due to the mass BH spam πŸ™‚ If you have room it can prolly clean up last buildings, but I tended to cut it.

Just to say it: OFC you can do various T4 units in the mix here, but naming them all would go beyond the scope of this. Though this is more a deck-kit then a deck, I want to give ideas how to play a faction not to give an overview over the faction as a whole.

Any more options:

- The classic shadow buffs (Life Weaving, Unholy Power & Hero) do a great job on BH!

- Never go out without your Disenchant

- Warp is always nice to have

- Offering (g) can resett your stong spells, if you decide to do so, prolly cut the Cluster (P) (this will get an even nicer option with the comming Grim Bahir changes (Test Server))

- purple Amok gives a nice damage buff and can either replace one Frenetic or be added. Beware to play it not on your units, as they will take friendly-fire then. Also be aware not to play it on your teammates units (same reason) and this is grief play.

Bosses you struggle with ... none that comes to my mind.
Any other dangerous situations for this deck: Engaging Twilight Dragons with a spell-protected (Twilight Negator) Willzapper nearby (a ugly situation for most decks). Play your Unity as late as possible and strike HARD with the first engage!

If more questions come, please feel free to ask or discuss this, I will edit this "guide"

Personal, tested(!), samples of my decks are

BG9 allrounder for random maps with random groups:


BG10, adapted for 1Player-MOTM 2021-06

BG10, 4player, random maps with random groups, assuming SoW by Mate btw one Joker slot


Replays deleted as they are broken due to patches.

I attach a few replays to see it in action. Be aware, non of this replays is "perfect" or aim to be that. This are raw takeouts to give you an idea how this can be played.
I played this deck a lot in the last weeks and can assure that it can work in ANY BG9 situation completly independent from other players heals and can even carry a group. Even the BG10 performance was not as bad as you may think without the perma present green splash πŸ˜„

A random BG10 solo in below 23min, easy Bandit map, but still not bad I think. Lost my t4 orb in the second last camp that forces me to retreat. This was my first test in BG10. Here a pure BH T4 w/o Grim Bahir


Super nervous played mess - my first group attempt in BG10. In 14min I ran sleeping into a dragon = thx for the rescure group ^^ But hey, this is normal BG10 random group gameplay, nobody is perfect.
Really not a carry here, but neither a total fail. Straight average BG10 shit

BG9_Bloodhealing Showcase <- recommended!!!

A quite strong performance in a 4player BG9 with Command Walker Boss in the End (for me alooooooone) πŸ™‚

BG10_SOLO_MOTM_ PureBandit_rank7

And as last one the current 1player MOTM. This is a first try, I swear, and far from clean, but still a good perfomance I think and at least for now it is a top10 time.

Finally: You have feedback, suggestions, nice replays or storys about this deck, please feel free to post below! I am looking forward to your reactions πŸ˜„

Is this helpfull? Want more of this?





Edited by Volin
1. added Offering (G) as further option 2. added basic informations
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11 minutes ago, Metagross31 said:

Is it also viable to use bloodhealing on a night crawler spawned by infect?

Situational, sometimes. Gives you only 1-3 healing ticks but if nothing else is in range I feel indeed tempted to do so πŸ™‚

Perhaps not optimal, but viable for sure ^^

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Glad you want to start a little series here. Pure Bandits is an underrated and underplayed deck in my eyes. The firepower is incredible! You just sometimes have problems keeping your units alive. You show how this can be done to near perfection in the replays.Β How well Unity (b) and Blood Healing harmonize, i had not thought to this extent. The parts when you have to kill the last base including the Command Walker Boss were impressive to see.

Well played Volin. Looking forward to more!

Edited by Blashyrkh
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Edited to match the 18.12.21 patch and my gained experience on this deck

- Added Windhunter as being superior to Gladiatrix now

- Added new purple Amok, as it can be nice in this deck

- deleted Skyfire Drake as flying option (think a M-Counter is not needed as both possible T1 bring one already)

- comment on Minefield which I do not recommend

- Undead Army added as a 100 matches later I learned this is a great spell to compliment this deck

- changed the BG9 standard recommendation to match my experience on this deck

- deleted broken Replays

- adjusted the text a bit to match above points

- put a disclaimer that the guide is still working with the birthday patch


Soooo - Wasteland Terror when? πŸ˜„



Edited by Volin
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