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Blight up the skies (ultimate Blight-guide/replay collection)

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Hi Guys, 
I played a few rounds of Blight the last couple of weeks and i wanted to at least start this guide while some of my replays are still watchable. Since I'm stupid I forgot to safe half the replays I played so far, but this guide will be updated by me whenever I produce a decent replay I'd like to share.


So for a start I recommand the Blight-Tutorial done by Dallarian (thank you sir!) here which has some theoretical explanation and graphics which i would have been way too lazy to do myself.

For further ado, heres the Blight-Tutorial by Treim/Wanky/Pritstift/Lebovin (insert Link here x) which has a good amount of general information aswell and even shows some shadow phoenix tactics + the infamous Batariel-rush at bottom left position.

All replays I upload here show complete clears in time, no defending and no shinanigans with phoenix or amii-monument.

Sometimes (as pointed out by Anske) I use a splash on t3 for "pure" decks, since I'm missing those super expensive xl units like Juggernaut/Spitfire in fire. 
When I get those cards at some time I'll maybe update those replays (but i recommand splitting on t3 anyway, since pure fire is BAD, here, I said it.)

Feel free to contribute replays I did not cover so far :)


So here are the replays:

Disclaimer: some of the replays are not functionable anymore, but you can restore them following guides spread among the forums, this is what i found fastest:

Top right position (pos 1):


Top left position (pos 2):


Bot right position (pos 3):


Bot left position (pos 4):


btw, special thanks to Donaar, Irysunna, gam3over, Schlytz, Alexandra, ArthurKnight, saffo5, VegetaSSB and those 20 guys I forgot who played a ton of blight with me and nearly did not flame when i failed with pure frost again. 

Duo (each side solo)




my english bad blablabla
ign: Keksmonsta


Pipeline aka. whats coming next?


Bandits topleft is done, im kinda struggling with the 3rd camp there, but as soon as i got a replay where i don't look like a retard, it will be here!

After those are done, I might focus on botright a little more, will share first camp with all T1's soon, thinking about all positions-no-manawing too. 



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A hero we need, a hero we don't deserve.

Thank you for finishing Blight for me :D I think we got so much resources on it so far, I don't have to further try pure Nature without Shaman nor Mana Wings ^^


Thank you very much for your work.

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17 hours ago, GreenSapphire said:

Anybody is welcome to hit me up ingame whenever I'm online :)  


Why not gravity surge instead of razorshard? I know stormsinger can use it but if she dies theres no backup for those swamp drake ripoffs on early game

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I play multiple stormsinger anyway because they're my M-counter in that deck. And since i use matter mastery on the bandit tower you don't really get cc'ed anyway.

edit: I never claimed that the tactics I use are the only possible way, or even the best way. It's rather a display of different tactics you can use. 
Sometimes it even comes up to just the decklimitation of 20 cards, so if I need gravity surge AND a M-damage unit I just use stormsinger to safe one deckslot so I have more possibilitys in other Tiers, like Frost T1 just eats a whole bunch of slots to play it effective.

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So here is the duo run from Anske and me, we played it today after not doing it for a few weeks and though it's a personal best time for us so far, there are still a lot of fails in here (some more obvious than others, but watch for yourself :P) Have fun!



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