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Introducing the Auction House Archives! The goal of this site is to track each card's journey through the in-game auction house and beyond. Since it tracks each individual auction, it can deduce when a card has sold in the auction house and for how much. With this information it can display the min, average, and max prices a card has sold for along with potential deals that are in the in-game auction house. I've also built out an API you can use in your own projects to receive information from the archive. To learn more about how the archive works, or how to use its API, visit the about page (https://auction-house-archives.herokuapp.com/about).


You can access the main page of the archive at this link: https://auction-house-archives.herokuapp.com/


If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to let me know and I will do my best to keep the site up to date.


Home page:


Card Page:



  • 2/20/2021
    • Updated the API call for "/cards/status" to allow filtering according to auction start time
    • Improve card image load times
    • General Style updates
    • Update table on card page to be sortable
    • Update about page with details about new changes
    • Add demand indicator (number of cards sold divided by number of cards) on card page
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  • 10 months later...

I made some slight updates to the Auction House Archive. Change log is below:

  • Update backend queries done in the API so hopefully they should return data faster. This should also lead to faster page load times in the archive frontend
  • Add the 5 new cards from the anniversary update into the archive frontend and also updated the image for Amii Phantom
  • When Plague was updated, it was given a new card ID. The archive's backend tracked the value of the new id, however it was not possible to reach the new data from the frontend. So, I moved the old id of Plague under a new entry in the archive with the name of Plague (Legacy). Due to this, there are currently two Plagues in the archive, one for the new id, and one for the old id so that all datapoints of plague can be reached from the archive's frontend
  • Update the archive to use the new Hub API for auction data
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For those of you who do not know, the Auction House Archive's site runs on Heroku's free plans. Recently, Heroku has announced their decision to discontinue free plans. Since this was a project I started for fun, I will not be upgrading to a paid plan to continue using Heroku's services. Because of this, the Auction House Archives site (https://auction-house-archives.herokuapp.com/) will most likely be shut down by Heroku around November 28, 2022. Closer to that date, I will attempt to get an export of all of the data collected by the archive thus far. So if you are interested in a copy of the export, feel free to let me know!

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