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Game Crash when Creating a Campaign

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The Game Crashed when trying to create a 2 player Campaign.

The last file is a screen shot of the error.

This crash is derived from another problem.

First, I played 2v2 unranked.

After the game I tried to host a new 2v2 PvP but couldn't.

That's because my icon on the right was in white color.

Apparently, I wasn't released from the group I belonged to despite the fact that everybody else left the group.

This happens often and that is the initial issue.

So in a situation like that you cannot start a new pvp game.

However, some time a ago I found a way to solve it by starting a new 2 player campaign.

At that point my icon goes green.

I can then exit and start a new pvp game.

except this time it didn't work.

When I tried to create a 2 player campaign the  game crashed.




Battleforge Crash - 2020-04-26_122327.bmp

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This is a known issue. I reported it with a video. If you are still in a pvp group and you create a pve lobby the game will crash.

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