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12-player maps transformation to 4-player community maps

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Hello there,

currently, the old 12-player scenarios Ascension and Passage to Darkness are disabled due to synchronization problems. In fact, these 12 player scenarios were not actually maps with 12 players but each just three connected four-player maps. I will try to make independent four-player scenarios out of them, thus create 3 individual maps out of Ascension + 1 out of Passage to Darkness.

As of right now, Passage to Darkness already works. Remember that the audio instructions by Moon may not be correct as there are no longer any connected maps and you are alone in Western Akylos. Just as back then, the two main goals are to first destroy all Shrines and then all living Aspects. Fortunately, the Wrath of the Souls is not targeting you. :)

You can download the original version of the map in-game. Along with it comes also a modification Emmaerzeh and I created, which makes the scenario a little tougher. In order to play either of those make sure to have only one of the respective .pak files in your map folder at a time.

Many thanks to Emma, Mephisto, and Kubik.

Best regards, 

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