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3 - two different pvp ranks shown on the same screen

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NAME: Different pvp ranks shown on the same screen


LOCATION: ranking


DESCRIPTION: Screenshot is self-explanatory. My pvp rank shown in the ranking screen is Warlord, while next to my name among other people is Destroyer. 


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Dunno if its a bug or there is a thought behind it I haven't worked out.


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this is a bug and a weird one :thinking:

when I read the title I think you look at your "actual" rank, and compare it to one of cached ones, but this list is cached every few minutes, and the row on the top is created by searching the list for your character. If it would happen once I would say it is caused by fact that the top row and the list are requested separately, so the cache could been updated in between, but if it is reproducible always :thinking:

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Posted (edited)

I think, for the PvE it also needs some time to update, but I am not sure anymore (Since my rank is not changing anymore :D)

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