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When we will play this game at first we will have a starter deck, i was thinking that
We could scrap that and give each person a booster pack of their choice of power I.e frost
Those booster packs could contain common and uncommin cards maybe rare aswell 
When you choose a power such as frost you can get like 75% of the cards in frost and the rest random power in these booster packs they will not contain mixed faction because it
Is the starting of the game and the booster pack may contain 30 cards or so

                                       I hope you guys like my idea and i hope you reply

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How about no.

But seriously, predetermined decks just seem like a better idea since you know what you are getting into IMO. Everybody needs a basic set of usable cards for a deck before they can even start playing, and if your first cards are random, you may have a chance of getting a pure shit group of cards that can almost be unplayable.

Even if there was a chance of getting a god booster, I still don't think its worth the risk of having to make an entirely new account or something just so you can actually play. Plus this could be abused in the same way. Just make new accounts for free boosters. Nope, starter decks seem like the way to go.

Though if you want that kind of randomness, there are tomes. :|

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