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PvE Nature Battlegrounds Single Player

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Hey forums,

    I've been making a new Nature Deck (Battlegrounds Single Player) out of the cards I got from boosters, or bargains in the market. I was wondering where shall I improve this? I understand I need to upgrade of course, but are there any essential cards I could use? This is is because I am used to Lost Souls Frost/Shadow decks but not nature x). Any suggestions would be fantastic, and don't be afraid to give some advice regarding high costing cards, it's nice to know what all cards do! Keep in mind this is Single Player Battleground. Thank you!


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Posted (edited)

equilibrium Blue should be switched out with equilibrium Green

shrine of memory for power manipulation

I see you got a bit of a root network, might want to add thornbark.

I don't see that you got a 4 orb nature card, you might want to switch up orb 3/4 so you can add something from the other card types.



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I Like to play pure decks in PVE, a shame the pure T4 cards (maybe except batariel) aren't worth it to go pure. For nature that would be forest elder wich is a beautiful card but if you want to go for strength or speed mabye put in another orb or two like MutatedTurtle said - you could play all the cards you got in your deck so far in a :natureorb::natureorb:XX deck, too. Pure nature is not weak though and you can easily do lvl 9s with the deck you already have. Another fun :natureorb::natureorb::natureorb::neutralorb: spell would be mind control wich lets you takes over AI units (except for windhunters for some reason). Shaman makes T1 a bit easier, creeping paralysis would give you another cc. Colossus is another strong T4 XL. If you want to be lazy in T3 you can get enlightenment and spawn T4 units immediatley.

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I think most of the time colossus is better than grimvine. He has a faster walking speed and has XL dmg which is great against bosses.

6 hours ago, SunWu II. said:

For nature that would be forest elder wich is a beautiful card...

Great description of the card that involves his biggest strenght :D

However I think a deck can't be called "pure" when it doesn't have that pure card in it so I would put it in anyways. He's not bad he has great base stats and both of the affinitys have great passives but he just can't compansate the flexibility of adding another color.

Another card I really like in a pure nature is gree peace. It's a bit difficult to see the usefullness in that card because most people use it as a cc for enemy units and in the worst case for their own as well, but another strong way to play that is as a self buff. Place it in front of an enemy base and wait with your units inside it until they get the buff. Then walk outside of the effect and into the enemy base. You get a buff for 50% more dmg / 50% less dmg for your units for about 20 seconds. Especially the red one with the green forest elder can give you a strong dmg buff.

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I remember Primeval Watcher having a good damage output against multiple units (but bad against single units). Combined with the green Forest Elder, Wheel of Gits and maybe other damage buffs and you could maybe reach a fast killing speed of bases. But I have never tested it, because the cards are just almost unobtainable without 3 months or more of grinding...

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