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  1. Construct + battleship is very strong, and if they were able to move faster, they would be among the best units. Also, you can use nether warp G+B for get to your destination anyways.
  2. equilibrium Blue should be switched out with equilibrium Green shrine of memory for power manipulation I see you got a bit of a root network, might want to add thornbark. I don't see that you got a 4 orb nature card, you might want to switch up orb 3/4 so you can add something from the other card types.
  3. Support. Would also be nice to the have option to discard cards for 1 bfp each, or possible gold. that might clean up the 3 bfp card accumulation, and potentially rising the card prices of common crap cards.
  4. Would it be possible to add booster, just like any other card into the AH? This would make it easier to sell boosters and let people that decide to open a lot of boosters have a nice selection of discounted boosters compared to the 450 store bought ones.
  5. Also, ALL cards are obtained from boosters. Booster packs have a fixed price of 450 BFP. So if all the expensive cards gets manipulated to be worth 5k+, then people would make a fortune from boosters. But if i would want anything to change with AH, is to add a 1-2 week option so that cards can stay longer than 24 hours and keep the prices more stable. We don't got enough players to naturally keep the market competitive with 10+ sellers of each card, so by increasing the auction limit, people will be in more competition and make the prices drop/be more stable.
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