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Mission has no ending event

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I was moving units all around the map, and especially all over the camps. Didn't even see that. The best part was when I finally decided to wait it out, the game warned me to play, or I'll get punished :D
Even while watching replay, there was no red dot. Hope it doesn't happen to me again in case there is no fix for it :D


Hahahaha... Just watched replay again. That turret is always under my mini-map. That is why I never saw it :D

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how long it would take for normal person to try all these possible maps :thinking: even on single difficulty (1)

if we count average 3 minutes per map + 1 minutes all loading lobby creating etc. we end up with 131072 minutes, if we count 16 hours play/8 hours sleep ... then we have 121 days, and I do not think difficulty 1 is generally the most played one

:thinking: why would you need more randomness? After that time you will not remember the first map.

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Nah, don't get me wrong. You do not need more randomness. But a map could have lots of parameter to add randomness to. With that "few" combinations I assume that there are not many parameters they add variance to.

For example, you could have a set of pre-defined camp layouts with just one orientation. Or you could add randomness to those camps (let's say an optional additional unit of each kind) and rotate it, too. Assume there are 5 different kinds of enemy units to add (or not to add) per camp and a total of 10 camps to which this modifier could apply, as well as 4 possible rotations then you would get 2^(10*5)*4 possibilities alone.

Well, at least if my math is right.

4503599627370500 alone on this minor change. That would be waaaay more than the previously mentioned map count. 

What brings even more variance to randomness is the general layout (pathes) with a map. There easily could be an almost infinite number when you move each camp a bit to increase/decrease the distance between two camps. So this seems not to be the case - looks like given layouts to  me. Which is what made me wonder and made me to write my above comment.

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do you know anything about RNGs? there is always a number called "seed" in that case 15 bits wide, but you need to have unique identifier for each map to be able to build it and test it, so the "seed" is what define the map same "seed" same version of game (or at least map generator part) and you have same map.

If there would be any more "randomness" than the "seed" then it would not be possible to check map that got buggy, the map would need to be part of the replay, or it would not be possible to check that replay. (Or that app would be same crapp as the one I fix at work for money).

It is same with Minecraft, but the seed is 32/31 bit wide (the string is number (up to 32 bits), or is truncated to 31 bit hash, unless they change it), so same seed same map each time you start it.

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Thinking of bugged seeds, from my experience only "Cliff/Height bordered" seeds (the one on a screenshot is kind of recessed into the ground) can have this outside-of-border bug. Mainly you can encounter such seed in the solo rPvE or duo rPvE(i think it is possible), because 4plr rPvE is actually a big map, and i had not seen at least one having that bug when i played (maybe i was not lucky enough). Also 4plr rPvE can have an "Oceanic border" (camps are placed on a islands with pathes between them, everything else is a water, and there is always some sort of free space filled with water between map border and the land). One more thing: there is a higher chance to encounter the bugged seed on higher difficulties for solo and duo rPvEs, because they have same map size (512x512 afair). Thus being denser leads to higher chances of reaching the map border. This shortens the range of searching pretty much. There are also other people with greater experience in rPvE, so i think they can share it too.


 For example this one is solo rPvE diff 10 with "Oceanic border". As you can see on minimap, my camera is already scratching map border, though the land could possibly go beyound it.413156541_mapbordercloseup.thumb.jpg.89730497af8bb694beb69bfdb81adaaa.jpg

But this is how it looks in the map editor. There is a thin red line (close to the middle of the screen, it is visible on water) that indicates the 'end' of the map.


But it actually not one single border. There are two of them: "visible area" border - red and "playable area" border - blue (i moved the side to make it visible). Numbers indicate how far the side of a border from the edge of map itself (and it is pretty far as you can see it on the first screenshot [though you actually wouldn't be able to see it with normal camera]). In reality the numbers are the actual coordinates, and 512x512 map has ~716m length/width (so 134,40 and 582,40 are just coordinates; rather than 0 and ~716 they are moved in to the map). Thus making map smaller.


Measured the distance (with this tool "D" in the red square). This is how long/wide the playable area actually is. Doing a simple math 582,4-134,4=448m (i measured it with a small error), this is an actual length. So, if so happens the unit/building spawns or just moves through the border it is gone from your sights and is untouchable, because it is outside of the playable area (unless splash damage or aoe is able to hit it, which i doubt).


And here is an example of the real possibility to go beyound the area border. I painted left one with a bit wider red line; the right one is painted with cyan line (to contrast the background), it also shows the restricted area, where units can't walk or fly above. Although only small sized units could possibly squize through the border. And as you can see, this map is a "Cliff bordered" one. Btw, it is a solo rPvE diff 8 map (or maybe 9, i don't remember).



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