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  1. Savage

    after update

    Works for me. Thanks
  2. Savage

    after update

    Me three...
  3. Savage


    I have a question regarding marketplace. Say I want to sell a card for 799. I set up a starting bid at 761 since I figured that AH adds 5% at every bid. So, when I do that I can see my action as 761 current bid and 799 buyout. Then, if I search for the card it says 799 bid, 799 buyout, 761 current. All legit. But then I get a message that my card was sold for 762. I have a feeling that this happened a few times already, but I can never say that I am 100% certain of it. Am I tripping? Is there a bug? Did I get the system wrong?
  4. Savage


    Hahahaha... You gotta be kidding me I see now ingame that it is possible to change value. Dafuq? Why? This means that I cannot choose how to create my own auction? I want start bid and buyout to be the same, but if I put starting bit just 1 bfp lower, then the default will be too high and the sorting order might place my auction somewhere down under This is just plain terrible... Great job EA, as always... Thanks Ladadoos
  5. Savage

    Mission has no ending event

    rPvE 9 mission. Killed all enemies, there was no ending. Time was up, I lost. Watched replay, got them all. Attaching replay file, hope that helps. autosave.pmv
  6. Savage

    Mission has no ending event

    Hey... With the day I had yesterday, no wonder I got hit with a 0.006% chance bug
  7. Savage

    Mission has no ending event

    I was moving units all around the map, and especially all over the camps. Didn't even see that. The best part was when I finally decided to wait it out, the game warned me to play, or I'll get punished Even while watching replay, there was no red dot. Hope it doesn't happen to me again in case there is no fix for it EDIT: Hahahaha... Just watched replay again. That turret is always under my mini-map. That is why I never saw it :D

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