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  1. Anej56

    can we get game working again?

    still the problem
  2. Anej56

    after update

    nope still the problem tried it just now
  3. after update we cant get into game just throws u to desktop
  4. Anej56

    3 - Trade sometimes doesnt work

    yeah me too i trade mostly through mail now cause have to relogg whenn trading 15 cards or more thenn 6 click accept and game freezes
  5. Anej56

    after update

    says success but throws me to desktop shutting the game down
  6. Anej56

    3 - Trade sometimes doesnt work

    yeah happens to me every second trade that i click accept and game freezes and cant trade or nothign have to kill the game to trade again every second trade. i dont know what else to do tried to redownload the game same thing
  7. Anej56

    Cant login to the game

    it is but still why was i rewarded 0 boosters for playing 30 mins?
  8. Anej56

    Cant login to the game

    i didint get today s booster said heres ur reward and its empty ???
  9. Anej56

    Cant login to the game

    Failed to connect to the game error 1 idk why this happens says logging in and thenn error probably server crash?
  10. Anej56

    No Gold from BattleGrounds

    same its happening for everyone i did duo with friend diff 9 290 gold and now we did 4 vs rpve diff 9 and got 460 gold isntead of 4600
  11. Anej56

    Connect Failed problem

    yes failed to connect again right after we finished game it crashed

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