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1 - Deck bar error and decks gone ( with stacktrace )

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NAME: Deck bar error and decks gone

SEVERITY: 1 ( unable to play, error re-appearing when opening decks )

LOCATION: Deck bar / Decks (deck list)

REPRODUCIBILITY: Not sure what exactly caused the error or where the error is, so difficult to reproduce

DESCRIPTION: Game ended, back in forge, got an error and deck bar was cleared and no decks appearing



I couldn't fit all 4 errors in 3.91 MB


Error2 _deckbar.png

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I quickly looked at the problem and although I can attempt a fix to prevent the errors from happening, it won't really fix the issue itself. Could you next time this happens also upload your log.txt which can be found in Documents>BattleForge>Diag->log.txt ? Also feel free to send images/videos to me on discord next time if the 3.91MB cap is not enough.

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