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RPVE help

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Hi guys im kinda new to the game and this cards are all i've got.


So i just wanted to ask u what should i do to be able to beat higher rpve matches at solo.

Shall i exchange some cards? or should i focus on a completly other type of deck? maybe including Lost Spirit Ship.

Well and i've got one other question. I'm playing with 2 other friends and each time we wanna play together we have a missing spot in our team cuz we are just 3 ppl. So i tought that if 1 player plays the right cards he would be able to play as "2 Players".


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I can't tell you how to build the entire deck, am not that good of a Fire rPvE player myself, but from what I've seen from others - T1 is usually just Nomad Green and Mine, perhaps with Eruption. Smart placement of that Mine and Nomad regen should get you through the first camp to T2, saving you many spots for higher tier units.

Batariel is a must, very powerful PvE unit overall. Not sure about Pyromaniac. So yea - I suggest freeing up T1 and Pyromaniac for stronger T2/T3. As I said, can't give specific details, but it would be a nice start.

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okay thx anyways gonna try to get mine rn and do some work on my deck base on ur information.

maybe some1 who plays more often fire for rpve will write soon. :)


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You ran into a typical mistake beginners make when building their decks for (especially) random PvE and makes it a lot harder winning at higher difficulties. That is you have way to many units and way to few spells.
One of the biggest strength of fire is their powerfull spells such as Cluster Explosion, Disenchant, Earthshaker, Inferno and Unity. In combination with Shrine of War you can get a lot of rotations out of those cards while maybe being 1 or 2 units down. For healing i tend to run Moon with her ability to heal after a fight. You can add Rallying Banner for easy access to her after a fight is mostly over. Note that you still want a lot of corpses on the ground still to make her heal more potent. Rallying Banner is optional - If you feel confident in your macro abilities you can keep her half a base behind your main army and send her in after a fight.
Towers are generally a very bad idea for rPvE with the only exceptions being Phase Tower (due to its mobility) and a deck build around Worldbreaker Gun.
Standard fire t1 would be as mentioned Nomad, Mine, Eruption. I personally really like to add Sunstriders to make the matchup against Lost Souls a lot easier. There is alternatiive starts but Mine stays the core card of every fire t1.
For t2 you really want Lavafield in any case. Mine still is very usefull even when clearing t3 so keep that in mind. I generally run Gladiatrix (nature affinity) with this deck because fire can struggle agaisnt Lost Vigils a lot otherwise. You can use the artillery type cards like Fire Dancer or Firestalker. Personally not a huge fan of them though.  I would not reocmmend scythe fiends, Enforcer or Skyfire Drake though, mainly because you got their strength already covered and Skyfire Drake generally is a to squishy, non spammable card to be worth playing in higher level scenarios. You can run Wildfire if you want to but it is not must have - at least from an efficiency standpoint. If you want to style on people, definetly take it ;). Disenchant (nature affinity) for t4 stage.
T3 you really only need Inferno, Juggernaut and Shrine of War. Lavafield and Mine are still usefull at this stage. Some alternatives for Juggernaut are Giant Slayers and Magma Hurler. Any t3 unit is fine though. Unity for the later stages of the game.
T4 I recommend doing Moloch, Batariel (fire affinity), both Cluster Explosion and Earthshaker

Key to this deck is to have Shrine of War at all times and tank damage with Moloch and Unity for Batariels to kill whatever Cluster Explosion and Inferno didnt. this deck is very charge reliant especally for the damage spells. Would not recommend running this with less than 3 charges for Inferno and both Cluster Epxlosions. Units you never want to have more than you can cover with Unity (so 5). I generally run 2 Moloch and 3 Batariel. Keep in mind that you want to have at least 250-300 power before you enter a base to get the spells going.

That would end up in something like this
T1: 4 Cards
T2: 6 Cards
Gladiatrix (nature)
Disenchant (nature) - for t4
Moon - for t4
Rallying Banner - for t4
T3: 4 Cards
Shrine of War
Unity (nature) - for t4
T4: 5 Cards
Batariel (fire)
Cluster Explosion (fire)
Cluster Explosion (shadow)

Last card you can fill up with whatever you want really. I'd probably do either the 2nd affinity of Unity or go Fire Sphere, but if you feel like you struggle a lot in t2 ir t3 you can use that spot to help you out there as well.
As a side note: Pure Fire is one of the harder decks to hard carry a game with because you can run out of charges for your potent spells really quickly, so you run on a knives edge there a little bit, especially against Lost Souls fire can struggle a lot because the Unity buff can get debuffed, the anti-spell buildings wreck your palystyle, Hellhounds destroy your units really quickly without Unity and the mass shields can negate your spell damage somewhat. It becomes really important to learn when to use your spells and when not to. That cana only really come by experience though. This deck you can beat level 9's on rPvE relatively easily, with Lost Souls being the exception.
I hope this was enough of a small introduction to this deck. For any specific questions you can ask them here.

Edit: There was another thread about fire rPvE decks some time ago. The deck i recommended there is basically the same. I didn't read all the comments again, but maybe you'll find something additionally usefull:


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On 12/17/2018 at 4:29 AM, Treim said:

 Some alternatives for Juggernaut are Giant Slayers and Magma Hurler.


Why Spitfire isnt decent choice? I always thought it's best there - Siege, Long range, simultaneous AOE attacks on air and on ground,  knockback, decent hp and damage, even useful at t4.

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