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BEWARE: Multiaccounting Will Cause Permabans! Read more... ×
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WARNING: Multiaccounting is forbidden!

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Greetings, Skylords, Skyladies and other Skythings,

We would like to remind you all that we do not condone making multiple accounts in any way, be it for reward/progression system abuse in-game, shadowing your identity, circumventing penalties, or literally any other reason. Multiaccounting is strictly forbidden, and we are currently enforcing a zero-tolerance policy on this subject matter. In other words, those who have created multiple accounts will lose their game access without warning or negotiation, until the end of time. Please also note that these bans will affect you, but may also affect those around you, leaving you responsible for friends, family, roommates and so on, also losing access to the game. Accounts in households, shared computers, or shared dwellings should not affect our system, and if you stick by our regulations, you should all have nothing to worry about.

Creating multiaccounts is especially pointless in this stage of the game, as anything you could possibly use them for, such as abusing our reward systems, will be completely wiped at the very least at the end of our testing phases, and all the time and effort you put into this abuse is lost forever, which is a shame and a true waste for yourself. Abusing the system only puts you at risk of never being able to play this game again, and we assume that that's the sole reason why you are here in the first place. Please take this into consideration, as these situations are dealt with mercilessly.

We and our system are purging and permanently banning hundreds of accounts every single day. Thousands of accounts have already been compromised, and thousands of discrepancies have already been cleared.

We advise those who have attempted to multiaccount to not risk being next. Please consider the pointlessness of your actions and realise that if you have any desire to play BattleForge again, play it fairly, play it normally, and play it the way it was meant to be played. Nobody likes a cheater, especially not if they put others at risk.

If you have not been banned or purged by our systems yet, there is still time to redeem yourself! Multiaccounting regrets can be reported to me or the Moderation Team on any platform, and may allow you to retain your game access while we purge all your alternate accounts and reset your main account. Repeated offenses or lies will still result in penalties, but we highly assume that if you PM us, you have a sincere desire to keep playing the game rule-abidingly.

To make sure everyone is aware of this, there are warnings in place on our forums as well as in-game, and additional clarification has been added to the Global Rules (Rule 3.1). Also be reminded that this specific rule is a part of our Terms of Service (ToS) and our Registration Policy, meaning that by creating your account, you agree with the risks of multiaccounting and accept the loss of your access must you infringe the rules. Please also note our main warning: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/announcement/29-beware-multiaccounting-may-cause-permabans/

We apologise for our harsh approach towards this situation, but the huge increase of multiaccounting attempts as well as the hundreds of accounts being destroyed on a daily basis have forced us into this mentality. We hope you understand our concern and abide by the rules to make the forums as well as the game a safe, enjoyable, and wholesome place.

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